Earth Day - My Contact Experience

In summary: The objects descended gradually as if it was floating and then suddenly disappeared, as if it was teleporting. The objects descended gradually as if it was floating and then suddenly disappeared, as if it was teleporting.In summary, two unknown craft flew down and communicated with me before melting into nothingness.
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Before I begin, immediately after I saw my first two sightings and after reporting them to nuforc and mufon, I started refining my experience by writing thoughts down to the best degree humanly possible. Take in consideration, what I saw was not supposed to exist and I am describing how it perceived to be through the eyes of a well-intended person, me.

1st Sighting:
Approx. Time: 1 minute //Approx. Altitude: Not in Space //My Vision: 20/20 //Night: Not a thing in Site (not even planes for that minute, now that I think about it, it was dead silent).

On April 21st, 2007, 11:59-ish pm, I was on the computer when I felt like something was calling me outside to my backyard. Now that I think about it, I kind of felt like gravity was pulling me outside. I enter the backyard and lay on the concrete and I close my eyes for a brief moment to think to myself and then I open my eyes to a weird extremely bright white luminesce object that was ovalish above me (my first reaction was a plane with an all-encompassing light surrounding it). It was like no other, the object seemed capable of containing its own light from being emitted outwards. About 2 seconds into observing it, I noticed it start to interestingly part into three (3) ovalish crafts still moving towards my left. I say interestingly because it looked like it was melting into three of them. I noticed it start to "melt" from the front (considering it was headed northwest) making its way to the back in this "melting" fashion; "breaking up" into three separate objects. And it did it fairly quickly;

I immediately felt my body being overcome with something like no other. I have experienced adrenaline rushes before, like speeding down a road or sky diving, but this was 100 times amplified, I was instantaneously content and felt larger than life and death and the planet. As the objects continued to move equally apart from each other, the middle craft started to move towards the one bottom of it, back and forth several times. One can describe it as bringing the opposite ends of the magnets and watching them retract from one another. The craft above the middle one did not deviate from its path as it moved in sync with the other two (2). All three (3) made no sound and they were "gliding" through the air.

The light coming from the objects were still to my amazement so I had to find someone in my house to see what I was seeing, so I ran inside to get my teenage brother pointed them out to him, but they were now at some distance where city lights take away from the night sky, even though the city lights did not totally obscure them. Unfortunately my brother could not make them out because he was inside the house with lighted rooms and watching tv. After the event, I could not believe what happened, there was an overwhelming feeling over me, it was as if I was being pulled in all directions. I felt like something had expanded in my mind and I had this sort of connection. Wow, I saw a craft so close over my head split into 3 deformed oval shape beautifully lite crafts moving in a way as if it was communicating with me. Endorphins have nothing on this experience. I felt touched by another level of consciousness. I went to bed and woke to my normal day, did my deeds and the gravity-like feeling/connection was still on me strong as ever.

2nd Sighting:
Around 10:30 pm (approx. 10 hrs. & 25 min from my 1st sighting) I took my 2 teenage brothers to the backyard to lay and observe the sky and approx. 30 minutes later, an anomaly seemed to be occurring. My youngest brother saw it first, and notified the other brother, and then I saw it. It started out with one “flash” per person; interestingly enough. It was a stationed blinking light miles in the night sky, as if it was in space. The flash/strong white blinking effect occurred every 11 seconds for 5 minutes. I then grabbed the flashlight my brother retrieved and started to communicate with it, at first flashing it inconsistently with its flash and then I did it at the same times it did (maybe 3x ; since this seems to be a magic number for me), as described in my initial report(s).

The lights stopped “communicating” with us. We stared into the sky looking for any activity and roughly a minute later three (3) objects came flying down. It had lights at first, but half way through its decent (as it appeared) it stopped being lights and became three solid whitish objects, it just turned off its lights; just imagine seeing any white object in the dark. It flew so close to us, closer than what I experienced the prior night. I saw it come out of the sky so fast my eyes obviously could not keep up (like a turtle or another animal when compared to people). I saw it for 30 seconds as it moved from my center to my right side behind my trees, I think it was around the tree line. I was still capable of seeing all three of them. As it exited the tree area there was about a 7 second span of seeing them clearing the minor obstruction to when they entered a small cloud to the left hand side of my house. It made us do a 100 degree turn. In that 7 second span I still had the flashlight in hand, and shining the flashlight on it was possible. Even though it did cross my mind to lift my hand, a create fear came over me. I don’t know why my mind reacted like that. The objects never exited the cloud.

It happened again, the odds are astronomical, how, why, and what? So I recap with my brothers and the one that I dragged outside on the 1st sighting, experienced the flickering light above us and us communicating with it but could not see the objects because of a non-severe impairment of the eyes; he needed new glasses. Sucks for him. My other brother experienced the flickering light and noticed the objects flying behind the tree and into the cloud, but not when it zoomed down. After these events occurred, my two brothers and I started to have coincidences, synchronicities, and telepathy, which ever you prefer. It’s one of those weird things when you are thinking about something, and right after the person next to you states the exact same thing that was in your mind. When that occurred, we considered that we might have seen the same movie or was influenced by something for us to think the same thing; but we could not come up with such influence.

With these two experiences I immediately started to call up the local news and reported it to all main stream media outlets. One call was to a reported that sounded he was in his car on a cell phone. He stated that if something comes up he would let me know. Another one was to a reporter (Orlando Sentinel?) that reports on astronomy; I only left a message with no call back. I did all this hoping that someone else saw what I saw. I did also call Peter Davenport, which was the first one I called, exactly after my first sighting. When answered, he practically yelled at me made me feel like an ******* for, what he thought was prank calling. I didn’t even get a sentence in. I tried pretty vigorously to convince him that I was legit. He apologized and said that I called in the middle of crazy prank call frenzy and he simply told me to submit an online report; I did.

Well, the reason why I am posting this is because I feel like I have to. I feel like something big is about to happen with the Earth's ufo phenomenon but it needs our help. I will present some things (like a crop circle, my personal experience, & others) from the day I saw the light craft(s) in 2007 until now, which shows a connection to my experience. I think they left me with a formula for us to all have a massive sighting and hopefully me opening up a dialogue here and where ever fate guides me can bring change.

So I report my sightings:

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3rd Sighting:
On April 25, 2007, missing April 24th, 2007 because of my busy life, I wrote:
I went to a friend’s house, 6 miles away, to tell about my sightings. It was hard for the person to believe me. I went ahead and forced my friend to outside to see if the impossible could happen again. We sat and looked up as I pointed out all objects in the sky; stars and planes. I tried to do a warm up with the person to better prepare them. Twenty (20) minutes went by and I noticed a white flash in the sky, thousands of feet up, way above the airplanes that were traveling underneath it. The flash was stationary in the sky, like the second sighting I had but at 40 degrees from my zenith, directly over my home. The light was more bright/intense than the planes lights it was over; even the ones that seemed to be coming towards my direction. My friend was noticing it at times but again, with somewhat the same problem as my brother, she needed different glasses since my friend was wearing reading glasses, in combination with atmospheric distortion. The white light was going in and out. At eleven (11) seconds it flashed, five (5) seconds flash, then in eight (8) seconds it flashed again, and was continuing to flash white erratically for 5 minutes. I spent some time trying to point out the light to my friend, but with no luck. My friend went inside to retrieve the “better” glasses but I believe the inside light effected my friend seeing the night sky because my friend still was having a hard time seeing it. I got extremely upset because of the bad luck I was having getting the person to see it. At that point the object then flashed one red flash and a ½ second later it flashed (3) white flashes and then stopped.

At that point I was very skeptical of what I saw (as my Journal tells me), A. because we waited 15 minutes for it to come down, but never did and B. It was to impossible for me to have this type of interaction with something that does not exist; again for the third time. This night was nowhere near the occurrences of previous days but it still felt, how do I say this “alien”. What I do know from what my journal states is that it could not be explained and did not fit the description of anything I have experienced when watching planes, helicopters, etc… I have lived in this city off and on since I was (9) nine and 14 years later I have this stuff happen to me. I also spent an entire year outside at night in 2005 and saw meteors hit our atmosphere and I always expressed enjoyment to myself over them, but this UFO business in my backyard was like a million meteors.

Doubt, something we all can relate to. After having this connection with my first sighting for that week, the days went on where doubt was weighing in on me more than I expected. It was like a depression of doubt not going away. It was because I saw something that shouldn’t even exist, less alone communicate with me. So the feeling of the event became stagnant but the crop circle and the Stephenville, Texas incident reminded me of what happened to me. Now when I heard about the Chinese Ufo that shutdown the airport, and then seeing those weird spirals all over the world, I think there were 3 of those type of sightings, I was once again reminded of my experience.

So the Chinese Airport incident stroke me as interesting but how do they really relate to me? I don’t know about the spiraling ufo’s (even though I have looked into them; very cool) but the China ufo incident obviously involved an airport. After jotting down my thoughts on here, I soon realized what I saw my first sighting also involved an airport as shown below.
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scar7 said:
... the impossible physics I observed

Why do you think it is an "impossible physics"? Many things look like impossible, but with another look, without prejudices, they may happen to be not only possible, but also necessary.
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Well, scar7, you make a convincing argument. That is, if your intent is to convince me you're delusional.

Want people to start taking you seriously? Stop acting insane. Don't post your personal UFO theories to the quantum physics forum, which it has nothing whatsoever to do with. Don't write long tirades linking this to whatever other phenomena you think it might be linked to. Don't tell us your personal life story - why would we care? Don't obsess about telling everyone - consider the possibility you've gotten exactly the amount of attention your claims warrant.

Even if every single thing you wrote in your original post was true, I would still believe something was seriously wrong with you, due to how you're behaving.
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"That is, if your intent is to convince me you're delusional."

Well, scar7 is not just delusional. He is much like those naive and ill-informed peasants from the story below:Quoting from french academy meteorites&f=false"

"In 1768, some peasants, near Luce in France, heard a thunderclap and saw a large stone fall from the sky. Reports of this strange phenomenon reached the French Academy of Sciences. The Academy asked Lavoisier, the premier chemist, to investigate. Lavoisier knew that stones do not fall out of the sky; so in his knowledgeable arrogance, he reported that the witnesses were either lying or mistaken. The academy did not accept the fact of meteorites until the following century"
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I find it very interesting that none of those who claim to have seen a UFO can answer this simple question – Why on Earth does this very advanced ETI’s, that have traveled thru space for thousands of light-years, just "fly by" without making contact? With this extremely advanced technology it would be a piece of cake to "take over" the broadcasts of CNN or any other global news network and send a simple message – Hi guys, we are here now! :smile:

I make the following prediction: At the same rate as every cell phone will have decent video (and night vision) function – the reports of UFO will decline (heavily).

It’s one thing to fake a blurry picture, a completely different thing to fake a video.

The good thing though, is that when finally a real (shy) UFO visit the planet earth, it will be live on CNN, Al Jazeera, etc + thousands of videos on YouTube! :wink:

Hang in there! :smile:
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DevilsAvocado said:
I find it very interesting that none of those who claim to have seen a UFO can answer this simple question...

Perhaps because your question is simple, but not a serious one. So, why would anybody bother to answer it?
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Why not serious?
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Why not serious?

From" :

Loaded question is an informal fallacy.[1] It is committed when someone asks a question that:

1. presupposes something that has not been proven or accepted by all the people involved (a complex question) and
2. contains controversial assertions and/or loaded language.
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You are entitled to share your claim, but no interpretations are allowed.

I will have to come back and read all of this later. Gotta go for now, but remember, we can only discuss those phenomena which you claim to have observed directly. And only prosaic explanations may be considered. No ET theories, no conspiracy theories, and no cross-linking to things like crop circles.

My first impulse was to delete the entire thread, but for now I opted not to do that.
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The flashing light you saw, is similar to something I commonly see. I star gaze quite often now days. I've actually been wondering what it is, maybe now is a good time to figure it out. When it flashes, it looks like a star blinked on. It moves in a linear fashion about the same speed of a satellite, and flashes about every 5-8 seconds, well that's all you see is the flash. I have seen this many times. I thought it could be an out of control satellite which is tumbling.

Crops circles? The fact that you are linking crop circles with your sighting somehow makes the whole thing less credible. Your personal assumptions about philosophy and pseudo "quantum physics" assumptions, don't help.

Maybe you saw something extraordinary, but don't let it put you in a nut house.
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jreelawg said:
Maybe you saw something extraordinary, but don't let it put you in a nut house.

And this is exactly the position of Peter A Sturrock who, in the book I mentioned in my earlier comment, writes in particular (p. 255):

"Over the years, discussion of the UFO issue have remained narrowly polarized between advocates and adversaries of a single theory, namely the extraterrestial hypothesis (ETH), defined as contact with an alien civilization originating in another solar system in our universe. This fixation on the ETH has narrowed and impoverished the debate, precluding examination of other possible theories of the phenomena."​
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nismaratwork said:
I'm not acting in the role of a professional in regards to the OP, I'm expressing my opinion which can only be vague in these circumstances. I might add that I didn't claim to BE a professional of any kind until you made a rather hasty assumption. I didn't make a claim to diagnose anything, nor did I (or have I) mentioned my educational background, or career until challenged by you. Your claim that my conduct is unprofessional is true... insofar as I'm not ACTING AS ONE in an online forum except that I freely admit an inability to reach anything like a definite conclusion online. Believe it or not, I'm allowed to express my opinion as long as it's clearly just that, and it's not at all unprofessional. If you feel otherwise, by all means you should do the requisite research and cite for me just what part of my conduct violates standards, and not just your sensibilities.

I thought because you said you have the credentials to diagnose mental illness, you meant you were a professional.

It's not exactly very respectful to tell someone you think they are mentally ill, based on a vague opinion.
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nismaratwork said:
This is getting old... remember I responded to what I bolded in a previous post, "Even if every single thing you wrote in your original post was true, I would still believe something was seriously wrong with you, due to how you're behaving."

It is not what he's claiming to believe he saw, but the manner of presentation that is worrying. I'm not teaching a psych 101 course here, so before you continue this why not do a bit of research and spare the assumptions you're making about what I and some others are saying, why, and how they apply the general populace.

I will give one example to set you on the road: An evangelical Christian believes that the end of days are coming, and supports Israel as a means to that end. SANE, but holding what I consider a wild belief.

An evangelical Christian believes that the end of days are coming, has a sense of WHEN it's coming, and tries to form a group to prepare for imminent doom. They feel that no one is listening to their claims, or is privy to the truth they KNOW, even within this subset of an extreme religious view. This person writes extensively about the signs and portents they see in everyday life which they interpret in a variety of ways to support their original thesis. TROUBLED, but not necessarily a mental illness as per guidelines from a reference such as the DSM

Most people with wild beliefs display actions in accordance with their beliefs wether it be something as small as what they eat, or what day they celebrate.

Your painting the OP's actions as extreme in comparison with what is normal. I argue that the OP's behavior is not more extreme in any significant way than what is normal.
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I have cleaned this up quite a bit. The only valid discussion here is one that seeks to provide reasonable [mainstream] explanations for the alleged observations.

Going back to the first alleged observation, it sounds to me like it could have been a high-altitude refueling operation that involved several failed attempts to capture the nozzle.
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Okay, where do I start?? Do I believe Extraterrestial life exists? Yes, I do. Do I believe what you are describing is Extraterrestial? NO, NO I DO NOT! There may very well be a logical answer to what sounds like a madmans posting. Without any evidence I can't even start to speculate what actually happened. If you had Video taped the event and gave us the raw copy then your claim would be more credible in the sense that something actually happened. Maybe you saw a star explode? It is very possible that it could have been a high-altitude refueling operation, but that doesn't explain your claims about an insane amount of addrenaline and a force drawing you outside.

My conclusion is this: you were dreaming or you were on a hallucinogenic trip.
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Thats wierd. I thought I attached the whole thing.
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We're done here.

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