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Please explain the Ising model in a simpler way, thank you

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    Hello, can anyone please explain to me in a different approach, rather than repeating a book definition, what is the Ising model? and what conclusions were made from it?

    I would sincerely appreciate it, since I can't seem to grasp the concept even after reading numerous articles online and in books.

    Thank you.
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    Simon Bridge

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    How about you tell us what you understand so far so we can fill in the gaps and/or correct misunderstandings.
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    Probably we could give you simpler answer if you say what is not simple to understand. Nevertheless, in my opinion, Ising model is only a model which does not have any deep physics. To me, briefly, magnetic moments are vectors which could orientate in any direction and Ising model simply assumes that they could point up or down.
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    It's a very simplified model of magnetism. It's not intended to be accurate, but rather a conceptual model of how phase changes can happen in a toy model. At high temperatures, the spins of each 'atom' are random and give zero overall magnetization, but below a critical temperature, the spins are correlated to a degree, giving an overall magnetization.
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    Thank you so much. That clears up alot of questions.
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