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Thank You for Smoking is a 2005 American satirical black comedy film written and directed by Jason Reitman and starring Aaron Eckhart, based on the 1994 satirical novel of the same name by Christopher Buckley. It follows the efforts of Big Tobacco's chief spokesman, Nick Naylor, who lobbies on behalf of cigarettes using heavy spin tactics while also trying to remain a role model for his 12-year-old son. Maria Bello, Adam Brody, Sam Elliott, Katie Holmes, Rob Lowe, William H. Macy, J. K. Simmons, and Robert Duvall appear in supporting roles.
The film was released in a limited run on March 17, 2006, and had a wide release on April 14. It received largely positive reviews, with particular praise for its screenplay, humor, themes, and Eckhart's performance. As of 2007, the film had grossed a total of more than $39 million worldwide. The film was released on DVD in the US on October 3, 2006, and in the UK on January 8, 2007.

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  1. M

    Job Skills Thank you note after job interview

    Is it really common practice to send a thank you email after a job interview? At all of my interviews I have concluded by thanking the interviewer for their time etc., but never sent a thank you email. To me, it seems redundant, pushy, and smarmy. Or is this common practice? What would you think...
  2. S

    17 years later: Thank you FredGarvin and Artman

    I just stumbled upon a post I made when I was a kid here (16 then, I'm 33 now). Rudely, seems I never followed up and I can no longer reply in that thread. Wherever you are today @FredGarvin and @Artman, the hovercraft worked. In fact it worked better than expected and we immediately crashed it...
  3. fresh_42

    Thank you to all the nurses on this planet

    I am not sure whether this thread will get many responses, nor am I sure that any nurse will ever see it. Maybe @Greg Bernhardt can promote it on facebook. Anyway, I strongly feel the urgent need to acknowledge what they all do for us. I had the chance to closely observe the work nurses have to...
  4. tracker890 Source h

    Thank You for Your Consideration

    Thank you for your time and consideration.
  5. S

    How Did Community Support Impact My Exam Success?

    Dear all, I officially passed all of my exams yesterday. It seemed very unlikely but now I get to study physics and hopefully pursue my childhood dreams. I want to really thank you. I quit my job and was on a budget so that I couldn't afford tutoring, but I don't think I would have been able to...
  6. geoelectronics

    Please define a few atomic/nuclear terms for me? Thank you.

    I think a ray is electromagnetic, is mass-less, and could be described as a photon. A ray must travel at the same speed as "c" in the same medium. I think the term particle is used in atomic studies as a physical piece of matter, one that has mass and could hold a charge or be neutral. Being...
  7. M

    What inspired an engineering graduate to pursue a career in theoretical physics?

    Hey there! This is Mayank Bhandare, from India. I am a recent graduate in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Mumbai. Though it's a strange switch as many would say, I am planning to pursue a career as a Theoretical Physicist/Cosmologist. I have a couple of entrances the next month...
  8. devilish_wit

    Exploring the Acceleration of a Projectile Motion Lab

    Homework Statement We had a lab on projectile motion and one of the questions was this: Use your Vy versus t graph to determine the y-component of the acceleration of the puck. Should this be equal to the acceleration due to gravity (9.8 m/s)? Explain why it is or why it is not. The...
  9. A

    Praise A Quick Thanks to All - Gratitude for Help on Physics II Forum

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to say a warm thanks for all of the help I've received on this forum. It's pretty amazing to see the dedication of the mentors, other helpers, their efforts in their replies, as well as the patience they have towards questions and homework. I've completed my Physics II...
  10. uchuu-man chi

    Need help with this vector problem -- Thank you

    Homework Statement Let L1 be the tangent line to r(t) at the point t = a and let L2 be the tangent line where t = b. Find the equation of the lines L1. Find the equation of the lines L1 and L2 and find the points of intersection. r(t) = <f(t), g(t), h(t)> *bolded letters are vectors Homework...
  11. Hoverdasher

    Exploring the Wonders of Science Fiction and Science Education with Hoverdasher

    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=183085938837672&set=a.106465973166336.1073741828.100014088005333&type=3&theater My screen name is Hoverdasher; my friends call me Katie. Hoverdasher is a fictional character. Thank you for having me, I hope to enjoy dialogue with many of you. I may...
  12. williamwong0402

    How to determine this integral? Thank you

    Homework Statement Homework Equations k∫[ƒ(x)]n ƒ'(x) dx The Attempt at a Solution i tried to using algebraic substitution to determine that i had let u = 1-x or X2-2x+1 or x or root(x) but it still cannot solve it. Please give me hint how to solve it. Thank you [/B]
  13. Braham

    Other Where and how can i study this ? thank you .

    i am currently 18 years old , i just finished high-school with a high average , i can study almost anything i want in my country (Tunisia - north africa) but i do not think that i can find what i need here . i have a problem in my mind , i want to understand the architecture of our (human)...
  14. D

    Struggling with Physics? Join the Discussion at PF!

    Hey I'm Denny, I am currently a biology major and will be graduating in the spring of 2017. Also I am from Philadelphia, Pa I have no problems with understanding biology, chemistry or math but for some reason I cannot for the life of me understand physics. I really have to commend every one of...
  15. MarneMath

    Sending a thank you email after an interview

    I have been interviewing interns for our spring internship program and one of the candidates recently sent me an email basically reiterating what he considers his strengths, thanking me for the time to interview him, and letting me know that he appreciated the opportunity. Now, I know people...
  16. A

    Reforming Education: Insights from Past Experiences

    New to the site and reforming my understanding of past educational experiences. Thank you to the organizers of this forum.
  17. J

    What is binding energy can anyone please explain thank you

    I need to know what is binding energy and how is it equal to the outcome in energy
  18. S

    How Do You Determine if a Series Converges Absolutely or Conditionally?

  19. S

    Please help me finding this centroid of a graph. Thank you.

    Homework Statement Find the x-coordinate of the centroid of the region bounded by the graphs of Homework Equations y= 5/(√(25-x2)) The Attempt at a Solution I stuck at finding Mx
  20. T

    Thank You to My Academic Helpers - Grades A in Physics & A- in Chemistry

    I apologize if this is not the correct place to post this, but I just wanted to make sure the people who have been helping me see it. I just got my grades back for the semester and I got an A in physics and an A- in chemistry. I can't take full credit for this, because if It wasn't for the...
  21. N

    Please explain the Ising model in a simpler way, thank you

    Hello, can anyone please explain to me in a different approach, rather than repeating a book definition, what is the Ising model? and what conclusions were made from it? I would sincerely appreciate it, since I can't seem to grasp the concept even after reading numerous articles online and in...
  22. S

    PhD physics, job seeking advice to Schoredinger's cat. thank you

    Hello, I'm Schoeredinger's cat. After escaping that box, I went looking for a job elsewhere (can you blame me?). I have a PhD in physics from Cambridge (impressive for a cat, no?), where I deposited and studied magnetic metals and semiconductors thin films. I got a couple of postdocs that led...
  23. U

    Can anyone guide me for this? thank you in advance

    Let f be the function: f(x) = sin(x) ; x is element of Q cos(x) ; x is not element of Q Prove, using epsilon-delta definition, that there is a point c,which is element of R at which f is continuous. Hint: Consider c such that sin(c) = cos(c); why does such a c exist? Then, since you know that...
  24. A

    How Is Angular Speed Calculated in a Falling Bucket Physics Problem?

    Hi! I really need help answering this question. I am really bad at Physics and have no idea what I'm doing, so if someone could help me out I would really appreciate it! Thank you! Homework Statement 8. A bucket filled with water has a mass of 23 kg and is attached to a massless rope, which...
  25. DennisN

    Merry Christmas! A Big Thank You to Our Forum!

    Merry Christmas to you all! And thanks to all administrators, mentors and members for making this forum into a very useful, helpful, educational, interesting, inspiring and fun place to be!
  26. H

    MHB Bayes' theorem problem, Struggling with this the whole night, .Thank you.

    Two states of nature exist for a particular situation: a good economy and a poor economy. An economic study may be performed to obtain more information about which of these will actually occur in the coming year. The study may forecast either a good economy or a poor economy. Currently there is...
  27. L

    Question re. electroplated gold. Thank you

    Hello, I have a question for electrodeposition of gold. So I tried to electroplate gold on a Si wafer with gold seed layer on it. I used SU-8 as my photoresist to form a pattern. But my electroplated gold was black and granular. Area is 19mm^2 and desired thickness is 50 um. I set the...
  28. L

    Integral of (x^2)(sqrt(x^3 + 1))dx. Please check my work? Thank you

    ∫x^2(√(x^3 + 1)) u = x^3 + 1 du = 3x^2dx (1/3)du = x^2dx ∫√(u)*(1/3)du = 2/3(u)^3/2 *(1/3) = 2/9(x^3 + 1)^3/2 Is this the correct answer? Thank you.
  29. U

    Mass and velocity, thank you for your help

    Dear all, I am a lover in astrophyics, however, I have not got much knowledge in it. Recently, I read a book and it says " the mass (of an object) increases as its velocity goes up", I don't think my brain works for this sentence... I seem to remember that P=M*V, so literally, if velocity...
  30. Femme_physics

    Thank you, all my electronic helpers

    Hi guys, my final theoretical electronics class is tomorrow. :) I want to thank everyone who helped me solve all my questions, especially I Like Serena, Nascent Oxygen, ehild, jim hardy, Studiot, gneill, Quabache... as well as CWatters, vk6kro, yungman, Kholdstare, sophiecentaur , technician...
  31. D

    What are some tips for writing a thank-you letter to a research advisor?

    Hi guys, Last term I joined the research group of one of the professors in my university, and I did a one-semester research project with him. He offered me to continue on with the project and with his group for my final year thesis, but I think I do not want to. This is because I have decided...
  32. N

    Can someone check my work please, thank you.

    Can someone check my work please, thank you. :) Homework Statement A hockey player of mass 85 kg traveling at 15 m/s [N] collides with another hockey player of mass 70 kg at 5.0 m/s [E]. If the two hockey players lock skates during the collision and are held together, find the resultant...
  33. B

    Projectile motion, missed two weeks, fell behind, no book, Please help Thank you

    Homework Statement Hi guys, I am not one to ask for help but i missed ALOT of school because I got sick and I was wondering if anyone could solve three problems for me and help me out! Thanks in advance ! Problem 1- A plane is dropping a supply of coconuts to survivors of the USS Minnow, who...
  34. Z

    How Do I Study and Become a Theoretical Physicist?

    Hi all. Need Advice. Thank you :) Hi all. Sorry if this kind of question has been posted but I try googling my question, so here is where I end up. Most of the threads that I read didn't actually specifically answer my question. Anyway, my question is, "How do I study and become a...
  35. E

    Need help with homework question. Anyone please thank you

    Homework Statement a 50.0g silver spoon at 20.0*C is placed in a cup of coffee at 90.0*c. how much heat does the spoon absorb from the coffee to reach a temperature of 89.0*C HOW DO I SOLVE THIS! and also this question Spent Steam from an electric generating plant leaves the...
  36. J

    Thank you in advance,I was just wondering if anybody knows why the

    Thank you in advance, I was just wondering if anybody knows why the integral of a 1/2 with respect to theta = pi? Thanks
  37. T

    Thank you letter for receiving fellowship from department

    Hi everyone, I have a quick question, and it may be a "no duh" question so please bare. If the department (not a specific person but the department as a whole) awards you with a small admission fellowship based on your application package, is it necessary to write a hard-copy thank you...
  38. Pengwuino

    Thank you firefox for saving my life

    https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/leechblock/ BOOM. *Blocks physicsforums.com* *blocks facebook* *blocks my email accounts* *blocks ... various sites* How do I block actual humans though? Do I need to upload this addon onto my friend who won't stop calling me telling me the...
  39. H

    Proving Ideal Gas Law: dU/dV and dH/dP at Constant T

    how to prove that (a)(dU/dV)T=0 (b)(dH/dP)T=0 for an ideal gas.
  40. R

    Need help. How do i start the problem, thank you.

    Homework Statement A basketball player does 2.43 X 105 J of work during her time in the game, and evaporates 0.110 kg of water. Assuming latent heat of 2.26 X 106 J/kg for the perspiration (the same as for water), (a) determine the change in the player’s internal energy, and (b) the number...
  41. R

    Hey im new to this, thank you its proof needed

    Homework Statement Prove that for every natural number n we have that 4^(2n+1) + 3^ (n+2) is divisible by 13 Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution im not too sure any help or anything please
  42. D

    Set theory question it , thank you

    set theory question please help it urgent, thank you Homework Statement 1. Homework Statement Let A, B and C be any sets inside our universal set U. Decide whether each of the following statements is true or false. Justify your answers by giving a proof or a counterexample as...
  43. F

    Physics in biology and medicine (spring/compression) PLEASE HELP, THANK YOU

    Physics in biology and medicine (spring/compression)... PLEASE HELP, THANK YOU Homework Statement A person falls from some height before catching themselves by their fingers (one hand) on a lodge. If each of the four fingers is treated as a 3 cm long bone with a cross-sectional area of 3.0cm^2...
  44. A

    Got my Thank you for your Service Lic Plate

    Got my "Thank you for your Service" Lic Plate today I got my state Disabled Veteran Tag. Not for vanity reasons, though a lot of veterans get various veterans tags for that purpose. I have nothing against it. But the DAV tag and a few others have a very special purpose, and why they have...
  45. T

    Solving Equation with Negative Exponent ( thank you)

    Homework Statement Solve for x (1/10)^(x - 1) < (1/10)2. My Dilemma The problem is that using one method will yield one answer, but using another method will yield another. Why is that? Please help. My issue is not regarding the right answer (the right answer is x > 2). It's regarding the...
  46. D

    Please check my work on initial value problem. thank you

    Homework Statement Solve the following initial value problem. Sketch the solution and describe its behavior as t increases. y'' + 4y' + 3y = 0 y(0) = 2 y'(0) = -1 1st i solved the characteristic: r^2 + 4r + 3 = 0 r = -1 r = -3 then the general solution is; y = c_1e^-x +...
  47. Math Is Hard

    Goodbye and thank you, Mr. Escalante

  48. R

    Momentum. I did all of them, can u check if i got them right? thank you

    Momentum. I did all of them, can u check if i got them right!? thank you! 1. A moving car has momentum. If it moves twice as fast, its momentum is TWICE as much. 2. Two cars, one twice as heavy as the other, move down hill at the same speed. Compared to the lighter car, the momentum of the...
  49. L

    me with this force problem, Thank you

    Homework Statement A 70 kg crate is pushed at constant speed up the frictionless 23° What horizontal force F is required? ( x Component Force)? What force is exerted by the ramp on the crate? Homework Equations I used wsin(23) then i did (wsin(23))cos(23) which i found...