Please Stop comparing everything with Adolf Hitler!

  1. I noticed in many threads that many things are compared to Adolf Hitler and the Gestapo etc.
    Why don't we just decide here that we will stop doing that ok, it makes people sound very uneducated.

    The other day I saw anti-abortion protesters comparing abortion with the holocaust including graphical pictures of dead Jews piled up. Question, if abortion and the holocaust are so similar than why did the pope conveniently remained silent during WOII and is he screaming murder now about abortion?
    Just an observation I made.

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    You do realize where the Vatican is right....
  4. I've never made such a comparison.

    Anyways, agreed, entirely.
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    Thanks for proving my point?
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    I think people use comparisons when they can't prove their original argument just doesn't cut it.
  7. What point? You professed ignorance of the Vatican's importance in the second world war, of their role in rescuing hundreds of Jews into Palestine, of their professed silence and lack of condemnation for the Nazi atrocities. I posted several links with exposition on these facts. Everyone knows where the Vatican is located - and I have no idea what point you were trying to make. Fragmented half-sentence posts don't help any.
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    The OP said the Vatican remained silent. Logic tells us that there is a very good reason why they MIGHT have remained silent, that is what i was talking about.
  9. The Vatican is in Rome, Rome is in Italy, Mussolini was the Facist dictator of Italy, who were Allies of the Nazi's. Hitler actually was insipired by that Man

    If you were a small "country" inside a large country being run by Facists defened by the smallest private army (The swiss Guard) with one of the Largest armies every assembled outside your door, what would you do???????

    Anyway what point are you trying to make? It doesnt seem like you have one
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    I think the point was, although using a very bad analogy, that bad analogies are used too often :P. I previously made a threat registering my disgust at how people make insane Hitler/nazi/ww2/holocaust comparisons. I know I had hit the nail when a lot of the moderates from the PW&A forum knew exactly what I was talking about and the extremists came in and said, for example, outrageous things like how Abu Graib (sp?) was "exactly" (exactly!) like Auschwitz.
  11. Although I dont like Bush :)

    He isnt Hitler, and to be frank there isnt any place on the planet right now even in N.Korea, or Zimbabwe that can be compared to the Nazi regim that was in Germany.

    I would recommend people read a book called: Garden of the Beasts by Jeffery Deaver. If they want to have an insite of what was going through the Nazi's minds. Its not comparable to anything right now..
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    The one thing i can actually say is comparable to the Holocaust was what happened in Rwanda. I say this simply because of one thing, people were being killed at rates comparable to the Holocaust. Let's all thank god that that didn't have the same time frame as well!

    It's pretty depressing to see the statistics from the Holocaust. Statistics normally don't really tell you the whole story and then theres the whole idea that "statistics can be made to say anything"....but when you see those statistics, its depressing to realize words and numbers will never do justice to what really happened. You see some of those pictures and you really.... kinda wish this never happened... that humans cant be THAT evil.
  13. Discussion that end in comparing with Hitler are subject of the Godwin law. An example here.

    Apart from the emotional load of this kind of discussion, perhaps it is still a mystery to be solved how a single lunatic managed to become the undisputed deity of an entire population. How can we prevent it from happening ever again? Not by applying taboo rules on the subject.
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    I remember one time that russ just cracked me up. Some guy made some argument, nothing bad at all right... Well the FIRST reply was someone calling part of the argument comparable to Nazism or something and russ came in and goes "wow, I never knew I'd have to invoke Godwin's law on the very first post!"
  15. well right-wingers misuse words like communist, marxist, liberal, anarchist words all the time. when wil they stop assuming that, for example, canada building a national power grid is something that kim kong il would do here? (someone said that on another forum)
  16. Perhaps, many individuals habitually compare unique 'things', such as actions, materials, circumstances, and individuals to discern the common and different traits of either one, and tout that which they think is either the common bond or point of difference-between unique 'things'-depending upon which one suits their argument

    I believe that such a process was contrary to the basic scientific practice of isolating and scrutinizing, putting under the microscope, only that which is the subject of inquiry, so as to determine that which it is or was in and of itself, independant of that other 'thing'.

    Comparative practices, as common as air, ultimately lead the investigation into the one 'thing' astray.

    Blinder leading the blind.
  17. So you agree that the Vatican bases their opinions not solely on religion but more on political gain.
  18. Hitler was nothing without his henchmen. They (the nazi party) saw a gap in the market (so to speak) and filled it with facism, using many of Mussolini tricks in propoganda they manipulated the populas (of which >40% were unemployed) into thinking the Arien way was the only way, and Hitler was a supprem being of sorts..

    I dont think it is such a mystery how the Nazi's came to power, but I aggree we "Should never forget" so as to prevent it from happening again
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    Your observation is correct. Why are the right-wing conservatives so obsessed with abortion but unconcerned about the babies (or people in general) who are killed in war (i.e., Iraq) or genocide? In other words, be consistent if you're pro-life.
    The comparison is often over used or inappropriate, but I agree, we should always remember history and learn from it.

    As Anttech said: …we "Should never forget" so as to prevent it from happening again

    True too, which gets back to censorship in general. If one starts limiting views, then where will the line be drawn?
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    I don't really think you understand the implications of having one of the largest armies ever sitting at your doorstep being headed by a leader who doesn't see anything wrong with killing millions of people because of their religion.
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