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PLEASEE HELP dimthyl ether, MD.

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    PLEASEE HELP!!! dimthyl ether, MD.

    i have a one year program and i have to research on the oxidation of dimethyl ether(DME). my professor has given me the option to work with him on the theoritical nature of the reaction, or to build up a molecular dynamic simulation from scratch. I really want to build the MD simulation. The only problem is that i have no idea where to start from..what sort of books i should be reading? where do i get the basic introductory knowledge for basic quantum chemistry etc. I am living in Japan and all my professors work and books are in Japanese.. so if someone could help me out a bit i would reallly really appreciate it alot.
    I dont have much background in chemistry, and have studied mechanical engineering
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    Re: PLEASEE HELP!!! dimthyl ether, MD.

    hey!! wow that is a good book and just what i need! thanks a lot..appreciate it
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