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Plotting an intersection seam on a contour plot ?

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    I have two 2D functions (surfaces), s1(x,y) and s2(x,y) defined
    via Interpolation. They intersect forming an intersection seam (which is a line).
    I can plot both functions using Plot3D and I can also plot the seam on the same
    3D plot by means of the MeshFunctions option. The comand I use reads the following:

    Plot3D[{s1[R, a], s2[R, a]}, {R, 2.62, 3.19}, {a, 1.36, 1.78},MeshFunctions->{(s1[#1, #2]-s2[#1, #2])&},Mesh->{{0}},MeshStyle->{Red,Thick}]

    But waht I would like also to plot is the intersection seam on the contour
    plots of S1 and S2. I mean I can plot a contour plot of S1 or S2 (using ContourPlot)
    but I don't know how to add the seam to the contour plot.

    I will very appreciate any hint/instructions how to do that.
    Many thanks!

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