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Pneumatic Cylinder to open Hatch

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    Hey everyone,

    Having a little trouble with something a little out of my element. I've been tasked to design a pneumatic system to open a ~500lb hatch. I think I'm leaning towards a pneumatic cylinder to act on a bell crank. I need the hatch to open to 110 degrees from zero in about 10 seconds.

    Where I'm getting stuck is on the force necessary to perform this action so I can size my cylinder and then the rest of the system. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    What is the layout like? You need to describe how the hatch is constrained and what it looks like. Diagrams are really helpful in these cases.
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    1st of all calculate the acceleration

    acceleration can calculated by using equation of motion,

    aceeleration= 2ө/ (tXt)
    where ө= total angle travelled, (in your case it is 110 degrees)
    t= time taken for travelling the angle ө(in your case it is 10 sec.)

    torque, T= (inertia of the rotating object) X acceleration

    From th torque u can calculate the force required.....

    Force F=Tr, where r is the radial distance @ which u r rotating the object...
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