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Poisson distribution and binomial distribution questions

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    Please help with this thanks :)

    (a) Define the Poisson probability distribution with mean μ.

    (b) Write down the binomial distribution for x successes in n independent trials each with probability p of success.

    (c) On average, 0.15% of the nails manufactured at a factory are known to be defective. If a random sample of 400 nails is inspected, what is the probability of there being no more than 3 defective nails?

    (a) Define the Poisson probability distribution with mean p.

    (b) A tool hire shop has six lawn mowers which it hires out on a daily basis.The number of lawn mowers requested per day follows a Poisson probability distribution with mean 4.5. Find the probability that:

    (i) exactly three lawn mowers are hired out on any one day;
    (ii) all lawn mowers are in use on any one day.
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    1. This isn't number theory.
    2. This forum isn't for homework; homework forums are at the top.
    3. We can't help you with homework problems unless you show your own work.
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