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Polybutene (Isobutylene/butene copolymer) 100% by wt.

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    Need some advice.

    We purchased a great deal of Polybutene product in steel square containers (approx 500gallons each) only to find that it will not work for our application. We are unable to return it to the manufacturer (long story).

    We are trying to figure out who might be interested in this product either on a manufacturing level or other.

    Anyone have any suggestions?
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    You might go back to the company you purchased it from and try to get them to tell you what industries use that particular grade of polybutene. Thomas Register search for those industries in your vicinity (to minimize shipping costs) and cold call them...

    If you have a particularly talkative salesman(person?) buy them a lunch (2-martini works great) while you pry out information from them identifying who their largest customer would be for that product. Kind of tricky if you have already told your salesman that you can't use the stuff.

    http://www.pesticideinfo.org/List_Products.jsp?Rec_Id=PC33981&Chem_Name=Polybutenes&PC_Code=011402" is an interesting use of the stuff. Is it sticky?
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    The bird repellant industry is putting all the mom and pop bird removers out of business.
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    Thanks for your responses. The physics forum police scolded me for seemingly "advertising" this product on the forum. My hope is that noone construed it in that regard. I was truly looking for honest recommendation of an "industry" that I may contact on my own. I recd the answers I was looking for, now I can go from here.

    All my best
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