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Polygons can be designated as N-gons. What about vertices?

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    In 3D modeling world, people refer to 3 sided polygons as tris, 4 sided as quads and >4 sides polygons as N-gons. Now, if I understand right, actually N-Gon refers to any. So instead of saying Triangle or Quadrilateral, I can say 3-gon and 4-gon and it would be correct, right?

    What about vertices? What suffix is used or it would make sense to be used to refer to a vertex's degree/valence?


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    Hey probiner and welcome to the forums.

    I haven't head of a postfix term for what you are describing, but then again I don't know much graph theory.

    As a guess though maybe something like 4-valent vertex?
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    Hi :)
    Well that's a bit like saying 4-point polygon. It's long and doesn't fit well a dissertation, I think (!), where you refer to many of these like a simple quantity.

    My wishful thinking was something like a -tex suffix (for example) and then I could go on and say "one 6-tex can be converted into two 5-tex", "and by the way the same concepts that apply to a 5-gon, apply to a 5-tex because they are duals; different elements (vertex and polygon), but same valence" and so on... and then introduce some simple operations where you add and subtract values based on polygons and vertices valence number to get the sum. Like: one 5-gon & one 6-tex & four 3-tex = -1 area.

    I'm also open to rational proposes for a suffix, if it's not in the books of Math, I can go along with an invented one, given that's it's not totally silly :)
    Any ideas?

    Thanks for reading
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    Why wouldn't you just refer to a vertex as having an nth degree?
    A 2nd degree vertex, a 3rd degree vertex, and so on...

    And just let bi-gons be bi-gons.
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    It has to be shorter =P I want a name that is easy, short, and that is rational or feels correct.

    These vertices, especially the 3 degree and the 5 degree are under the umbrella of "Poles"
    And are designated of E an N by this author (i'm the poster but it's a transcript): http://www.lightwiki.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=22 [Broken]

    I, on the hand, am a bit more abstract and less practical while I try to see connections and patters (underlying concepts) using a more open and less focused approach: http://forums.newtek.com/showpost.php?p=894021&postcount=24

    The subject is the same, although I now need a feel for a more fit nomenclature and E and N don't fit at all. And I don't understand where the mathematical notion of "Pole" fits here at all. So it doesn't even look rational.

    So here's a set of silly options:


    Any other?

    Thanks for reading.
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