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Polyurethane - toxic/carcinogenic?

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    next year im going to college, and I'm trying to prepare for the worst scenario; an extremely loud roommate. If i want to study/sleep properly, I will have to put on some earplugs. I've done some research, and people are saying foam polyurethane earplugs are the most effective. Now, in case i get paired with a loud room mate, I may be using these earplugs everyday for several months at a time. DO you guys see any potential health hazards from this?

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    Don't leave them in all the time. Moisture will collect inside your ear and could cause infection. They usually come in a box with at least a dozen so that you can keep clean ones in your ears.
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    My suggestion is if you have a loud roommate, tell them to go out to the lounge to be loud and leave the room for sleeping. If they continue to be loud to the point where you can't sleep at night, even after addressing it to them directly, there will be staff you can bring this problem to. Chances are, there will be at least one other pair of loud and quiet roommates who will be glad to trade rooms/roommates. Part of the college/dorm experience is learning to grow up and be independent of your parents, and that includes learning to speak up for yourself.

    As for your question about earplugs, as Evo mentioned, ear infections from bacteria growing on the earplugs is the primary risk, so changing them frequently is the best approach.
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