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Position Eigenstates Indeterminacy

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    How large could position eigenstates indeterminacy be so as to be indistinguishable from classical state? For example. If a particle is smeared by 10 planck length.. could we tell or could we consider it as classical state? What is the most accurate device that has probe the smallest region enough to say the smearing can be such and such length like 5 planck length that we can still call classical state (assuming supposed there was no collapse and born rule not applied to the decoherence mixture of basis)?
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    I can't even read your last question clarified in quotes. However, the actual values of 10 planck lengths or even 100 or 1000 (or even a Million) times 10 planck lengths are so small as to be beyond our measurement NOW. We define this measurement, mathematically. Actually measuring this value is another matter.

    Perhaps you should look into the Heisenberg uncertainty equations for an answer to your question.
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