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Possible support to Penrose's OR theory?

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    Doesn't this paper support Penrose's OR theory?

    Universal decoherence due to gravitational time dilation

    Now Penrose being a very smart guy having realized that he has taken a realist standpoint on Quantum Mechanics very well knows that he has to incorporate some element of non-locality in his Twistor theory to account for Bell correlations.
    Towards an Objective Physics of Bell Non-Locality: Palatial Twistor Theory by Roger Penrose

    Is Twistor theory becoming an another example of Bohmian Mechanics?
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    Hi bremsstrahlung

    I copy my email to Caslav Brukner, and his response, in regards to this experiment (17 June 2015):

    His response:
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    If I am not wrong that's exactly what Penrose is arguing that Gravity suppresses quantum superpositions.

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    As I understand Penrose's theory, it is gravity that causes wave function collapse. Being suppressed, superposition's are much harder to see. But if the system is in one state or the other, that isn't a suppressed superposition.
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