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Possibly being dense about pictures...

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    But how do I upload one from my computer and have it in text? I know how to add a picture as an attachment, and how to link one via url, but I don't know how to take something from a folder on my desktop and drop it in between what I'm writing.
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    Simply click the upload button and then select a photo. It will list under the editor and then you can choose to insert in your post. It ends up generating a media tag which you can move around.
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    Use the upload button in the lower right of the editing window, choose a pic, then click either the thumbnail button or the full size button. Thus:

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    Thanks guys! Obviously I knew all this...what, you think a long term member and mentor wouldn't know how to use the forum...? I was testing you guys is all... :wink:
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    Which is dang handy. Thanks Greg.
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