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Physics Post-doc (Condensed Matter Physics) in Australia

  1. Aug 11, 2016 #1
    Hello Everyone,
    I have just completed my PhD in condensed matter physics. I want to apply for post-doc positions in Australia.
    Any suggestions???
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    Hi Shivi,


    There are many universities that do condensed matter physics in Australia. Since you've just finished your PhD, you should have a good idea of the groups whose work interests you most - far more than anyone at PF will have, since we don't know what you studied!
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    Thanks for ur reply e.bar.goum. I have done my PhD in "Metallic Glasses- their thermodynamics and crystallization kinetics". I have started the research on Australian universities offering research on metallic glasses, polymers and nano-materials. Your suggestions are invited, if you can help in that regard.
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    Let me elaborate a bit more on what e.bar.goum wrote. At this point of your career it is expected that you are capable of and carry out the bulk of the research, both in the lab and outside of the lab, including prospective postdoc positions. Have you reached out at conferences? Have you spoken with your PHD advisors? Fellow grad students and/or post docs in your group? At a minimum, I would consult the websites of each of the major Australian universities in your area of interest. Post doc positions are very competitive and a good deal of network building and groundwork are necessary to land one.
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