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Post-Doc Vacancies in Britain and Scandinavia.

  1. Sep 16, 2008 #1
    Does someone know and can share with me sites which bind together all of of the post-doc vacancies in academia in britain and scandinavia, in maths and physics?

    thanks in advance.
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    thanks, anyone has for scandinavia?
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    As I see from my searches that it's not so good of an idea to pursue a PHD in foundations. (-:
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    Contact academic staff who are involved with foundations and ask them if funding might be available. Lee Smolin's book "Trouble..." suggests it is easier to get into "off mainstream" physics in the UK than it is in the USA, and gives some useful tips worth seeking out. Maybe take Diogenes' approach to Antisthenes as a model? :-)

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    This year isn't such a good year to be applying for postdoc positions, I'm afraid. Anyway, I know that Imperial have a few people working on foundations.. doubt that helps, though!
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    It's ok cristo, I'm quite far from this right now, bt it's good to know before even starting, the sites which gather such information.

    I'm still hoping there's an euivalent site for scandinavia.
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