POST Logo, Colourful Lines & Freezing

In summary, the computer is experiencing issues with colourful lines, weird characters and random flickering on the screen during startup and while in use. These issues began three to four days ago and have not been resolved after reseating the videocard. The problem appears to be similar to others found on a forum, but attempts to seek help have been unsuccessful. Suggestions have been made to try a different videocard to determine if the issue is with the address line driver.
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Almost every time I start up my computer, on the POST logo, it shows like colourful lines, when it goes to anything that has text in it such as the BIOS setup or anything like that, I have these weird characters and all this random stuff, such as the DOS text for smiley faces. It also will freeze at the windows XP loading. Although one time, it booted into windows XP but I had colourful lines a little, and then my screen flickered like 4 times then my computer was fine. To get rid of it, I have to hit the reboot button about 60 times before it actually goes to normal. It doesn't seem to be my monitor as my monitor works fine with my Xbox 360. It started about 3-4 days ago for some reason. My stats are as follows:
ASUS A8N-SLi Premium
AMD Athlon 64 3500+
System is about a year old

I also found something that sounded a lot like my problem:
Was googling and found this text here
"...have been getting weird corruption intermittently (checkerboard pattern, garbage characters, offset text) showing up on the BIOS POST screen and into..."

For some reason I cannot get into that area of the forum.
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Now it will randomly do it within windows.
Here are some PICS. PLEASE HELP. I reseated my videocard yesterday. Didn't help.
See the jibberish? It would appear as if the jibberish overlays everything behind it.
As you can see there is some weird colours on the XP flag.
Weird screen.
Missing letters, but less gibberish.
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Does anything happen if you jiggle the video cable connections?
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Nope. Nothing.
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From the looks of the displays you posted.
I'm thinking you have a defective address line driver in the video card.
I'd try a different video card and see if the problem goes away.

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