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Post-micturition convulsion syndrome

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    Post-micturition convulsion syndrome, I read, is a shiver felt along the spine, mostly in males, after urinating. For my life, I have had a post-micturition convulsion syndrome, but it isn't just a spine shiver, I find it to be almost violent "shivering," not quite full body, but more than just the extremities. How personal. So, what's up? Do I fit into this category, or is it something else?
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    http://www.straightdope.com/classics/a4_225.html :rofl:

    It's a misnomer (of course), "convulsion" brings to mind epileptiform fits which have a (presumably) completely different etiology. This is a thermostasis/rigor-type muscular shiver.

    This physiological (meaning normal) phenomenon is fairly common and the reason for it is basically unknown. As the straight dope article said, various theories have been put forward from a sudden thermal deficit to a parasympathetic reflex. In other words, we don't know piss about it. :biggrin:
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