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Post-secondary in Canada; costs.

  1. Jun 15, 2012 #1
    Hi, I'm attending a post-secondary institution (for mathematics) in January, and was wondering, how much does schooling usually come up to, in costs? What can i get covered in loans, so many questions about the financial side of university. does anybody have any knowledge on this stuff? can offer me guidance? things of the sort. like, will i definitely need to work while attending? will living alone be possible? things of the sort.
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    Your high school guidance counselor should providing you with all this information. It is also dependent on what province you are in.

    Most Universities have entrance scholarships that help cover a portion of tuition based on academic success and/or full applications requiring essays, volunteer experience, recommendations, etc.

    In Ontario there is a program called OSAP where you can apply and get awarded bursaries and/or loans based on your parental income. For low-income families this typically covers all of your education expenses plus several thousand for living expenses, especially if you wont be working during the school year.

    I don't know what exists outside of Ontario, hence you should be speaking to your guidance counselor, however since you say you're attending in January I suspect your aren't currently in high school.

    Costs typically range from $4000-$7000 just for tuition, then there's textbooks and other school supplies. On top of this you obviously have rent, food, entertainment, etc. The typical 'suggested' budget is around $15,000 for a school year. However, as I have already mentioned, there are government programs that hand out money to students in need. The Canadian government has a guarantee that if you get accepted then you should not be turned away for financial reasons, you just have to go looking for the money, it's there. You should also speak to the University's financial aid department.
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