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Schools Postdocs in a university without a physics graduate program?

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    Suppose for a moment that you found just the one professor that you wanted to do a postdoc with. However, that professor works for a university that does not offer a physics graduate program. Can you still attempt to get a postdoc with that professor or you'd be better off finding another professor working at a university that grants PhDs in physics?
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    Schools don't need to have a graduate program to take on postdocs. I've seen postdocs working at liberal arts colleges. But you need to find some way to support yourself; chances are good the professor won't be able to pay you if you can't bring your own funding.
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    Doesn't funding for postdocs normally come from grant money? If so, then it depends on whether the professor has enough grant money to hire a postdoc, and whether someone else is already filling that position.
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