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Posting images expansion to other forums

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    The posting images ability is only available in GD as we all know, why can't we have this expanded to say... Other Sciences, and/or Physics? Bandwidth issues or something? Oh c'mon you must make a ton of money off this site! PLEEEEAASEE!!!! :smile: I know the right guys in the red light district.
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    Bandwidth, hotlink and moderation concerns. What is wrong with attaching images?
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    I must admit that I have seen other forums where the pics had gotten way out of hand. As an example, my wife goes on to a board where EVERY poster hot links to banners that do countdowns and have 4 or 5 pictures in their sigs, etc...There is so much crap on there you can't tell where the posts begin and end.

    Attachments are really the way to go. It does kind of stink to wait for the approval process, but I consider that our little blow to the instant gratification idea.
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    Well, i would like to see possibilty in the tutorial secton for improved clarity but uploading is only slightly inconvinient.
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    Of course, if you're really impatient, you can PM a mentor to let them know your attachment is there and waiting approval.

    Another problem with img tags is they are dependent on the original source remaining available. If you link to an image that's there today, and the site takes it down tomorrow, it's gone the way of the big red X in the sky. This is why it definitely wouldn't be a good idea for tutorials.
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    Well, if you get a good host or mount it yourself it would work
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    How odd...Does anyone else see the " code is on" in the science tutorial section?
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