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Pothead discovers worlds largest impact crater

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    I have sent this information to the USGS and they forwarded it to their
    Astrogeology dept.

    I was browsing google earth and found that a very large object hit the US and scraped along the surface before
    Exploding in alabama and showering the midwest with huge rocks that left craters all over texas and arkansas.
    Most of these craters have taken the form of small ponds.

    The impact point is a hundred miles or so south east of huntsville Al.
    And there is a huge impact crater that goes through 3 states.
    The thing was so huge that it carved out the Appalachian mountains.
    You can zoom in on them and see the serated edges of the object
    Where it rolled and scraped the land.
    Here are some images I put on my site

    Ronnie Smith

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    I am sure it exists

    I am certain that if scientists looked at my findings they would agree with me.
    here is the google earth places file where I saved the small craters for people to examine.

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    Certain on what grounds? Something kinda curvy-shaped things and some holes isn't exactly conclusive.

    I don't have google earth installed so I can't view those.
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    It appear to be man made, part of an oild field??
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