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Power Engineer - job description

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    Hi there,

    I've been wondering for some time what the power engineer job exactly looks like.

    I am particulary interested in one question: is there a place in the field of power engineering for guys who would rather do the math and equations than build anything? Are there jobs for power engineers that require little or no practical work at all (and by practical I mean involving, e.g., designing and building stuff as opposed to, e.g., proposing theoretical models)?

    Hope you won't find the question silly; I would be very grateful for any answers.
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    From my experience, power engineering is a combination of theory and practical.

    For example, consider the sizing of a flow control valve. The calculations are theoritical; however, you have to be aware of practical mechanical considerations to offer a solution.

    My advice is to embrace the practical as well as the theory. With some effort, you will enjoy the practical side and have many more career options.
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