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Power Systems/Nuclear Engineering

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    I'm thinking of going to SDSU for electrical engineering with a couple of electives in power systems engineering. Is it a good idea to specialize in this sub-discipline? Is nuclear going to be a good field? I might go to grad school for either power systems or nuclear. I'm not sure nuclear is going to be good even with the Gen IV breeder reactors (sadly not the best design coming but the VHTR) because the politicians are reluctant and so are the people even though it's ideal for being coupled with hydrogen facilities/desalination plants and it's unlimited power.

    I've also seen this in the news...

    http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/energy_digital/4276071.html [Broken]

    LOL, I'd hate to be laid off. I know it probably won't do jack since no one could still afford it for awhile, and the utility companies would make sure they keep the grid. I'd hate to see all this wind and solar power crap when nuclear is the best!
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    Power systems will allow the option to move into energy trading if you want.
    Interesting subject, but keep in mind there is no "best" in this game.
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