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Practice Problems to Nonlinear Dynamics Strogatz Book

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    Practice Problems to "Nonlinear Dynamics..." Strogatz Book


    I'm taking a dynamics course which uses the "nonlinear dynamics and chaos" book by Strogatz. I get a half-descent understanding from the lectures of the prof and the book's explanations of things, but [itex]\ is\ there\ a\ good\ supplemental\ book\ to\ Strogatz?[/itex] I'm looking for [itex]a\ book\ with\ lots\ of\ practice\ problems\ and\ which\ actually\ has\ a\ solution\ manual[/itex] that works out the problems that I could find through *some* internet *means* (I'm not asking for a link).[itex]I\ couldn't\ find\ solutions\ to\ the\ Strogatz\ book\ on\ the\ internet[/itex]. Either of these would help me out greatly in my studies.

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    Re: Practice Problems to "Nonlinear Dynamics..." Strogatz Book


    \omega_z = -\frac{1}{R_{12}C_2} = -30.3\ rad\ Hz\\
    \omega_p = -\frac{1}{(R_{12}||R_7)C_2} = -2096\ rad\ Hz

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    Re: Practice Problems to "Nonlinear Dynamics..." Strogatz Book

    [itex]{\frac}{H_{piano}[e^{\frac{j{\pi}k}{N}}]}{{\Re}|\sum_{k = 0}^N|H_{piano} [ e^{\frac{ j {\pi}k}{N}}]|}

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