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A best practice is a method or technique that has been generally accepted as superior to any alternatives because it produces results that are superior to those achieved by other means or because it has become a standard way of doing things, e.g., a standard way of complying with legal or ethical requirements.
Best practices are used to maintain quality as an alternative to mandatory legislated standards and can be based on self-assessment or benchmarking. Best practice is a feature of accredited management standards such as ISO 9000 and ISO 14001.Some consulting firms specialize in the area of best practice and offer ready-made templates to standardize business process documentation. Sometimes a best practice is not applicable or is inappropriate for a particular organization's needs. A key strategic talent required when applying best practice to organizations is the ability to balance the unique qualities of an organization with the practices that it has in common with others.
Good operating practice is a strategic management term. More specific uses of the term include good agricultural practices, good manufacturing practice, good laboratory practice, good clinical practice and good distribution practice.

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  1. Eclair_de_XII

    Calculus I need some practice problems involving double integrals

    I'm in my Probabilistic Models in Biology class, and the professor just brought up the subject of double integrals. I haven't done Calculus IV since fall of 2016, so naturally, I kind of forgot how to do integrals with more than one integrand. Can anyone recommend me any (hopefully, free) pdf's...
  2. Jayalk97

    Good resources to practice transistor amplifiers?

    Hey guys this isn't so much a homework question as it is a learning question. Any good resources online that could help me practice calculating current/voltage gains as well as input/output resistances for BJT and MOSFET amplifier circuits? I can't really find any resources that give me problems...
  3. F

    Classical Oscillation practice problems for Olympiad

    What are some books on mechanical oscillations for olympiad?(especially problems, not theory)
  4. T

    Learning number theory for cryptography

    Hi everyone, I am trying to learn the underlying number theory concepts behind cryptography, and I was wondering if anyone knows of good resources for learning about number theory as applied to cryptography. I was hoping to practice writing proofs as well. Thanks!
  5. awholenumber

    Looking for practice problems for algebra

    Can someone recommend me some books that have practice problems for algebra with answers ?
  6. kupid

    MHB Practice problems of Rational Equations ?

    Does anyone know where i can find some practice problems of Rational Equations ?
  7. I

    Suggestions for practice problems in E&M

    Hey all, I am working my way through a couple of emag books (Griffiths, Jackson, and Schwinger) and I was wondering if any of y'all have suggestions for problems that you thought were particularly physically insightful or useful. Cheers, IR
  8. Hughng

    Undergraduate Probability Textbook with Multiple Choice Practice Problems

    Would you please introduce me some textbooks that offer multiple choice or true-false questions at the end of each chapter so I can practice before my final exam? Basically, that class I am taking right now cover many central topics in Undergraduate Probability course such as: • Moments and...
  9. AD MCFC

    Studying Review for Upper Division Class Mechanics course?

    Hello, I will take Classical Mechanics I (upper division) course fall of 2017. I have not seen Mechanics material since fall of 2014 and would like suggestions on how to review the concepts prior to taking the class. I was pretty good in that class and do not need to "re-learn" anything per...
  10. OrangeDog

    Practice Problems in Naval Achitecture

    This will be a long shot...Does anyone know of an online resource where I can get practice problems in naval architecture. Specifically, on ship motion? Thanks
  11. C

    Various Physics Practice Problems for Exam

    Hello everyone, I found various physics problems online randomly and looks like I can use it to help me study for tests and was wondering if you guys can provide a simple solution/explanation to it. It would be a great help, Thank you! Conservation of Energy: a. If Spring 2 can only compress...
  12. Noctisdark

    Relativity Special Relativity Problem Textbook ,

    Hi PF, I'm trying to learn both special and general relativity, I have read all about them, learned the basic math needed, but that was all without "enough" exercices to completely understand the theory, so I need problem books that are purely or mostly about problems about special relativity...
  13. S

    Engineering Economics - Practice Problems

    Sorry if this is not in the correct section. I have an engineering economics exam this week. I'd like to know if anybody (particularly professors and/or tutors) know of a website or have a document they could share with me with a few practice problems. I have attached a PDF document with the...
  14. E

    Algebra Word Problem - practice problems

    Homework Statement The problem goes like this: The sum of 2 numbers is 25. If 2/3 of the smaller one is 2 more than 1/4 of the larger one, find the 2 numbers. Any hints on how to start off this one? What should I let x= be? When i attempted to solve this i let 2/3x = the smaller number and...
  15. L

    British Physics Olympiad 2004 (GCSE)

    5. Point Q is 3m above and 4m to the North of Point P. Ignoring friction how much energy does it take to move a 5kg sack of potatoes from point P to point Q? These are multiple choice questions of the exam, so in the mark scheme it only says: A, B ... The question paper can be found...
  16. moriheru

    Differential equation practice problems book?

    Salve, Can anybody recommend a book which has lots of differential practice problems?Or a similar book for Laplace transforms? No explanations just the answers and the problems,simply for practicing. Thanks for any help.
  17. M

    More Complex Analysis studying recommendations

    Hi there, I'm currently taking Complex Analysis but do not feel like I have enough practice problems or course material (books, websites, Youtube channels, and etc) to study from. I was hoping some of you would have some stuff that I can check out. It would be greatly appreciated. I'm currently...
  18. M

    Complex Analysis: Learning Resources and Practice Problems

    Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone knows of any good materials, books, websites, Youtube users etc for me to teach myself Complex Analysis for school. Some good practice problems with answers and explanations would be wicked too. Thanks :)
  19. A

    I desire to self study Physics, need a source for practice problems?

    I am a freshman (ore med). My curriculum does not have physics until junior year of college. I want to take the MCAT at the beginning of junior year. I am reading the AP Physics textbook of my high school (I didn't actually take AP Physics, I just bought the textbook) and while I am learning a...
  20. A

    Practice problems for differential equations

    I can't really find much differential equations problems workbook. I really want one but resources are limited. Can you please send amazon links and etc. that I can order a differential equations problems workbook? Also, it would be greatly appreciated that the workbook at least covers topics...
  21. A

    Practice problems for calculus?

    So what workbooks/resources do you use to solve calculus problems? AP level? Because I really want to solve problems, not only learning but to actually solve calculus problems that are AP level.
  22. C

    Need practice problems for calculus.

    I can't find much elsewhere, so i figured id ask here. Can anyone give me some derivative/ integration practice questions. (ie related rates, implicit, Indefinite, Optimization etc) Also if you know of a site please post it too! Thanks!
  23. L

    Finding practice problems on linear models grad level

    Hi, I am a first year stats grad student and I am taking a class on linear models. The book and lectures focus on the format of definition, proof, lemma, definition, proof, lemma etc. However, I cannot seem to find anywhere some practice problems where I could use these definitions before I...
  24. thrill3rnit3

    Source of practice problems for algebra/analysis prelims

    Hello all. I am preparing to take my math department's preliminary qualifying exam for pure math. It covers analysis and linear algebra. I have a good number of past papers but I was wondering if there is a good source, maybe a book or a website, for problems of similar difficulty. Thanks.
  25. X

    Practice Problems to Nonlinear Dynamics Strogatz Book

    Practice Problems to "Nonlinear Dynamics..." Strogatz Book Hi, I'm taking a dynamics course which uses the "nonlinear dynamics and chaos" book by Strogatz. I get a half-descent understanding from the lectures of the prof and the book's explanations of things, but \ is\ there\ a\ good\...
  26. L

    Please help me I want special relativity practice problems.

    Please help me I want special relativity practice problems. I am a second year.
  27. D

    Need a source for practice problems

    I do not have any physics books. But I would like a source, if you know of any online, where I can get practice problems dealing with the basics. Such as, 1-D and 2-D motion dealing with equations such as (X=VoT+.5AT^2) (Also dealing with different Vectors and decomposition of Vectors dealing...
  28. A

    Practice Problems for General Physics: Momentum, 1D Collisions, Torque & More

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows of a good webstite for practice problems. I ve looked around and most sites have one or two problems. Maybe its me but I learn better by doing lots of problems over and over. I am taking general physics and am now working on momentum, 1 d collisions...
  29. T

    Looking for Kinematic practice problems with solutions

    Forgive me if this is the wrong forum for this. I'm looking for practice Kinematic problems with solutions. I've looked here (http://www.physicsclassroom.com/class/1dkin/U1L6d.cfm), but those questions are too basic. My prof asks more complex problems and I'm having a hard time finding good...
  30. M

    Need Help Solving Physics Practice Problems

    Hi, I'm new at this and I need some help with the following practice problems: 1) At what angle relative to the horizontal must an object be launched if its minimum velocity in flight is 28% of its launch velocity? The answer is to be in degrees. I have the answer to be 73.7. 2)...
  31. R

    If I spend my free time solving practice problems will I get the highest grades?

    I enjoy solving practice problems for any subject, especially maths and physics. It's challenging for me and I like a challenge, I could solve practice problems for the rest of the day without a problem, morning until night, which some may think is weird. Anyway, I hate reading textbooks in...
  32. P

    Practice problems for learning a new language

    I'm working on brushing up on some programming languages. Being a big believer in the idea that the best way to learn is by doing, I'm looking for problems of various difficulties I can work through before embarking on some larger project. Anyone know a good resource?
  33. D

    Intro to Thermal Energy/Heat Transfer: Grade 11 Practice Problems

    Does anyone have any good websites with practice problems and great in-depth explanations on thermal energy/heat transfer at the introductory level (grade 11)? I've searched many websites only to find questions that are too advanced. Questions like: What mass of steam is produced when 2.4 X 10^6...
  34. M

    Where can I go to do physics practice problems?

    I'm currently taking the first semester of calculus based physics (mechanics). Can anyone provide me with some resources to practice for that? Preferably torque, equilibrium, angular momentum, and gravitation. Thank you.
  35. S

    How Do You Solve These Balance Beam Problems?

    Need help on Practice Problems PLEASE! Trying to work practice problems before I do the homework & I need help. If someone could show me step-by-step bow to do these two problems that would be GREAT. A weight of 12 N is located at a distance of 14 cm from the fulcrum of a simple balance...
  36. A

    Good website full of high school algebra practice problems?

    My mom is going back to (nursing) school and has to take math next semester. So she's looking for some (high school level) algebra practice problems. Does anyone know of a good website for that? If you have any book suggestions, that'd be nice too, but she'd prefer a website.
  37. R

    How Do You Calculate Tension and Friction in Physics Problems?

    an elevator weighing 2x10^5n supported by a cable what is the tension on the cable when accelerating up is 3m/s2 g=9.8 obviously and an ice skater moves at 10 m/s and coasts to a halt in 100 meters on smooth ice what is the coefficient of friction on skates/ice i have tried many...
  38. maverick_starstrider

    Where Can I Find Advanced Undergraduate Physics Practice Problems?

    Hi, I'm looking for a good reserve of practice problems (preferably with solutions) at the level of advanced undergrad or early grad. I'm not studying for anything (I'm already in grad and I've got a while before comps) I'd just like to do like a practice problem or 2 a day to really get sharp...
  39. V

    Practice Problems Confused on what equations to use

    Practice Problems! Confused on what equations to use! Homework Statement Question 1: Calculate the angle of banking of a curve 200m in radius in order hat traffic moving at 70 km/h may round the curve without depending on friction. Homework Equations Don't know Homework...
  40. J

    When is the best time to do physics practice problems?

    physics practice problems... when do you guys usually find time to do practice problems...i mean, between having 3 labs and A LOT of other reading to do I am having trouble finding time to do practice problems for physics(1st college physics course)...I usually just read through the physics...
  41. D

    GRE (physics) practice problems

    Hey, I think it would be beneficial for many if we started a thread that contained several problems (and hopefully solutions as well) that would be helpful in studying for the GRE. So, everyone, add a problem if you can (with solution!). I'll go first: Problem: A sample of N atoms of helium...
  42. L

    Rotational Dynamics Practice Problems Help

    My AP Physics C class has a test tomorrow about Rotation Dynamics and my teacher gave us a practive exam over the weekend and i felt really good about it thinking i was going to do really well, but this practice exam is really difficult and I am stuck on every problem. there are four problems...
  43. K

    Know where to find any Quantum Mechanics practice problems?

    I have a Quantum Mechanics test on Wednesday and I was wondering if someone could recommend somewhere for me to find some practice problems and answers. I've googled and found some practice tests, but they don't have any answers for me to make sure I'm doing them right. The book I have is...
  44. L

    Stiochemistry practice problems help

    Homework Statement Aluminum oxide is formed from the reaction of metallic aluminum with oxygen gas. How many moles of Aluminum are needed to form 3.4 moles of Aluminum oxide? Homework Equations first equation:Al + O2 --> Al2O3 i balanced it at 4Al + 3O2 --> 2Al2O3 The Attempt at a...
  45. A

    Exam III Practice Problems (liquids and pressures)

    hi, i got an exam soon and i need help with a couple of problems http://online.physics.uiuc.edu/cgi/courses/shell/phys101/spring06/prep2a.pl?practice/exam3/sp05 Question 7. How would i find the tension i know that i must use Bernoulli equation but what would i be solving for
  46. A

    Stoichiometry Practice Problems

    Aluminum oxide is formed from the reaction of metallic aluminum with oxygen gas. How many moles of Aluminum are needed to form 3.4 moles of Aluminum oxide? I don't necessarily need help solving the problem itself (I want to try to do it on my own) but I don't understand how to set the...
  47. C

    Practicing Validity: Using Rules of Inference to Prove Arguments

    I have about 10 questions, I hope someone can take the time to help me with. The directions are: "Use the 18 rules of inference, supply a proof for each of the following arguments." So, here goes: 1.) 1. (R v X) > (A > B) 2. ~ Q > ~ C 3. ~ C > Z 4. R .Y 5. Q v A...
  48. S

    Where to Find Statics Practice Problems for Physics Re-Test Preparation?

    Hi I have a Physics re-test tomorrow on Statics. Since everyone failed the 1st statics test he is going to let us take another one (he's really nice :smile: ). It is not going to be like the 1st one. Where can I get some statics practice problems?? I'm doing ALL of the problems in the book...
  49. S

    Kinematics & 2D Motion Practice Problems: Constant Acceleration

    Does anyone know where I can get practice problems on kinematics and 2D motion with constant acceleration?