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Pre Calculus online with 2nd semester Algebra 2

  1. Oct 2, 2013 #1
    Hi, I am wondering if it would be better to do Pre-Calculus online with the 2nd semester Algebra 2. Or take college algebra online with 2nd semester Algebra 2.

    If I go the Pre-Calculus online with 2nd semester Algebra 2, my senior year I will be taking Calculus AB 1st semester and Calculus BC 2nd semester.

    If I go the college algebra online with 2nd semester Algebra 2, my senior year I will be taking Pre-Calculus as a class, and Pre-Calculus online 1st semester. And then 2nd semester take Calculus AB with Pre-Calculus.
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    How good are you at algebra? Do you find the exams easy? College algebra will be the whole of algebra, but it sounds like you already know most of that, you are finishing it now with the second half of Algebra 2. If you want to go over it again, do the college algebra, but if you don't struggle with algebra, then look at precalculus online. Just remember, precalculus is not needed for calculus, you'll learn everything you need to know in calculus. So it would be possible to do the college algebra and then go straight on to calculus. But it also depends on what your school allows.
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    Speaking from my own personal experience, college algebra was barely even comparable to algebra 2. Yes, it was still algebra, but the concepts in college algebra were far more rigorous and in depth than the material I covered in algebra 1 and 2. That may simply be due to the professor, but college algebra touched on a lot of subjects that I never covered in my algebra 1 or 2 classes. We never looked at conics, logarithms, exponential functions, or matrices until I got to college algebra.

    I never took pre-calc though. I took college algebra, and a separate trigonometry class. I feel like the two separate courses made for a much more thorough preparation for calculus. I'm currently in calc 1, and there are a lot of people struggling in it. It isn't because of the calculus though, it's because of the algebra. There's a lot of algebra involved in finding derivatives and limits.

    That said, if you're reasonably competent with algebraic manipulation, you should be fine either way.
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    Yikes. In some schools all of that should be covered in Algebra 2. In my case, I remember learning conics, logarithms, and exponential functions in Algebra 2. We didn't get to matrices, though (and I didn't see matrices until senior year!).

    In the eyes of some schools, however, you did take pre-calculus.
    Pre-calculus = College algebra + trigonometry
    ... and in some Pre-calculus courses, a little discrete math is also thrown in.
    (Note: when I say "trigonometry," I really mean trigonometry and analytic geometry.)
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