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Courses Ready for Calculus-based Physics?

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    I'm considering taking calculus based physics in the spring. The first course (mechanics) has a prerequisite of Calculus 1 and a co-requisite of Calculus 2. The 2nd course (electricity/magnetism) has Calculus 2 as a prerequisite. I just took Calculus 1 this semester and got a high A and I plan to take Calculus 2 in the spring.

    Do you think I'm ready for the calculus based version of physics? I took AP Physics B almost a decade ago in high school so the college awarded me credit for algebra based. My college doesn't require algebra based to get into calculus based, just the math. I'm really rusty on physics because it's been so long. I'm really not worried about my calculus background since I just aced my Calc 1. It's my physics background that's giving me hesitation.
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    Assuming it's some Physics I type course (the first "general physics" course for physics majors), it likely won't assume any prior physics knowledge. It sounds like you're right on track.
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