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Prediction of Solubility using Organic solvents

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    Whenever I have a stain (paint, glue etc), I attempt removing it after the following scheme (if unsuccessful, I proceed to the next solvent):
    Water, soapy water, alcohol, white spirit, acetone.

    My question is..........
    Is it possible to chemically PREDICT which solvent will be succesqsful on which material/stain?
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    If you know what the stain is and what the material is - sure.
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    What I actually mean, is it possible on the basis of theoretical consideration of the formula of any organic substance, to find whether it is soluble in an organic solvent.
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    Yes. Since like dissolves like. Any LC handbook will have a list of solvents with a polarity index. If you know what the stain is (polar vs. non-polar), then you can find a solvent with a suitable polarity from the list of solvents.
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