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Preparation for learning integral calculus

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    I have taught myself derivatives and I have taught myself the power rule and substitution but the book that I have bin using doesn’t go more in depth than that so what should I learn next?
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    For differential calculus, you need to handle derivatives of products and quotients. Next you should learn about derivatives of the basic functions - trig, exponential, log. After that you could start looking at integral calculus.
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    i have taught myself the product and quotient rules. and how to find the deritives of basic functions - trig, exponential, log. so what do i need to do to get into integral calculus.
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    just another idea: maybe you should study related rates - a useful technique

    as for integrals, you want to start with the Reimann integral. I don't know your purpose of study, but you probably don't want get too deep into the analysis - just the idea adding areas of rectangles under a curve and then making them thinner and thinner (i.e. a limit)
    Note the difference between definite and indefinite integrals. The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus is, well, pretty fundamental.

    Get the basics down: polynomials, trig functions, logs and exponentials
    Then integration by parts. Substitution. Trig Substitution (tricky). I recall partial fractions as well...

    A few basic applications might be solids of revolution, and arclength.
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    i am teaching myself calc so i can take the ab calc test and skip ab calc my senior year and take bc calc
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