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Preparing for Quantum Mechanics, please suggest me good books.

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    Hello I am a second year student and i am starting to learn about quantum world. I am in biochem programm so quantum is not the main focus of my program, however i realize that without physics there is absolutely no succeses in research. I am very curious about how atoms work, bonding and non bonding intermolecular forces. This is extremely difficult field. It requires tons of Mathematical knowldege. Can anyone please suggest What mathematical theorems and concepts i should know? I am familiar with basics of derivatives and integration. Where should i concentrate on? Any good text books?
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    A solid understanding of functions, complex numbers, partial derivatives and the basics of linear algebra (inner product spaces, orthonormal bases, linear operators and matrices) will get you very far.

    There are lots of threads like this one already, so I suggest that you do a search.
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