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Prerequisites for Game Theory

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    Hello, I will be a rising high school senior next year, and I'm looking for something worthwhile to learn over this summer. I'm really interested in learning mathematical game theory. I was wondering on the prerequisites before learning game theory (I've done maths up to linear algebra and real analysis). Also what books are best suited for a good introduction about the topic? Thanks.
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    You may want to look up the course on the website(s) of the university/universities to which you are planning to attend and/or apply.

    Here is the description from my university's course catalog:

    MATH 486/686 GAME THEORY
    Lecture+Lab: 3+0
    Credit(s): 3

    Extensive form games; Nash, perfect equilibrium; matrix/bimatrix games; minmax theorem; TU/NTU solutions; marriage, college admissions, and housewrapping games; core; Shapley value; power indices.

    The only prerequisite listed for this course is Linear Algebra (MATH 330).

    The prerequisites for MATH 330, at my university, are Calc III (MATH 283 R) or Matrix Algebra (MATH 253).

    Hopefully this information is helpful. Perhaps someone who's taken a game theory course will be able to provide some experiential knowledge. :smile:
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    oh, only Linear Algebra. It shouldn't be that bad then.
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    You might want to check out this lecture series which is a bit of fun. :)

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    What school do you want to go to??

    some universities don't even offer mathematically rigorous game theory,

    For example..

    ECON 4349: Game Theory - Introduction to the theory of games and solution methods. Real world situations as games, predicting outcomes using game theory techniques. Bargaining, oligopoly, auctions, coordination, and provision of public goods.

    Prerequisites: Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis & Intermediate Microeconomic Theory

    Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis & Intermediate
    Prerequisites: College Algebra

    Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
    Prerequisites: Microeconomic Principles

    Microeconomic Principles
    Prerequisites: College Algebra
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    Why should it matter? I just something to do during the summer, and I'm really interested in learning mathematical game theory.
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    I did a game theory course in my second year, and it also only required linear algebra. Of course, it depends on how the course is given, which differs from university to university (some offer an advanced course, which naturally requires more).

    We used this book.
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    By the way, is game theory still an active field in terms of research?
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    Not in mathematics. Maybe econ.
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