Prerequisites Definition and 7 Discussions

In sociological research, functional prerequisites are the basic needs (food, shelter, clothing, and money) that an individual requires to live above the poverty line. Functional prerequisites may also refer to the factors that allow a society to maintain social order.
On the other hand, Parsons argued any successful social system has four functional prerequisites:

Goal attainment
Pattern maintenanceAdaptation – To survive, any society needs the basics of food and shelter. Having these gives any society control over its environment. A society needs a functioning economy to provide this.
Goal attainment – all societies must provide collective goals of some sort for its members to aspire to. Governments set goals such as New Labour setting a target of 50% of school graduates to attend university. To facilitate meeting such goals, governments provide resources, laws, and other institutional mechanisms.
Integration – all societies need a legal system that mediates conflict and protects the social system from breaking down.
Pattern maintenance – Institutions like education and the family reaffirm the essential values needed for society to function. (For Parsons the key institution in passing on such basic values is religion.)

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  1. D

    Prerequisite mathematics for intermediate mechanics?

    I will be taking intermediate mechanics next semester, and am a bit concerned about potential gaps in my mathematical knowledge. Long story short, I used to be a physics major, switched to electrical engineering, and then decided to double major after a semester in EE. The issue is that, as a...
  2. D

    Quantum Sakurai Physics Prereqs

    Hello, I've seen some ask about math prereqs for Sakurai's Modern Quantum Mechanics, but I was wondering about the physics prereqs as well. Should classical mechanics and electrodynamics be studied beyond first-year physics courses? Also, is statistical physics needed? What are the physics...
  3. U

    Studying What do I need before starting to learn electrodynamics?

    I am a high school sophomore and I want to take part in Physics Olympiads which is exactly why I want to learn electrodynamics. I have ordered 'An Introduction to Electrodynamics' by D.J. Griffiths. I am halfway through MIT OCW mechanics course and I know Calculus equivalent to standard Calculus...
  4. ScienceGuy42

    Admissions Should I study physics if I didn't do well in HS maths?

    In my final year of high school (2017) I finished with a mark of 74/100 for advanced maths (NSW, Australia. It's a calculus-based course and introduces differentiation, integration, series, optimisation, trig). This means I don't directly qualify for enrolment in the maths courses for the...
  5. C

    Prereqs for learning particle physics?

    I want to start studying particle physics on my own and wanted to know what the prerequisite are? I'm in my second year of college and have finished Calc. 3 and Physics with calc. 3. I'd also be interested in textbook recommendations.
  6. Curieuse

    Prerequisites to Mathematical methods Mary Boas

    Hello! I'm looking to study Mary Boas' Book on mathematical methods and i'd like to know if the prerequisites can be covered in ocw mit courses or any other open courses. Please do suggest if any. Also are there any parallels that can be drawn with the ocw mit courses for the various topics...
  7. S

    Prerequisites for QFT

    Hi! I'm desperately trying to develop a list of prerequisites that will enable me to work on topics like quantum gravity, advanced QFT (on curved spacetime etc.) etc. I am currently in the second year of an undergrad theoretical physics degree in the UK, and am heavily unsatisfied with the way...