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Summer Upper Level Math Courses Online?

  1. Aug 23, 2015 #1
    Econ Major here. I plan to graduate in spring 2016 and from there apply to economics grad programs. I still need to take Advanced Math and Advanced Calculus, and Real Analysis, all of which are not available during the summer at my uni (Florida International University). Anyone know of any online distance learning programs or colleges in the South Florida area that would allow me to take any of these classes before I start applying to grad schools in the fall of 2016?

    Here are the course descriptions from the FIU Math and Stats Dept page:

    MAA 3200 Introduction to Advance Mathematics (3). Topics include: naive set theory, functions, cardinality, sequences of real numbers and limits. Emphasis on formal proofs.
    Prerequisite: MAC 2313 (Calc III)

    MAA 4211 Advanced Calculus (3). An intense study of the foundations of calculus. Topics may include: the real number system, continuity, differentiation, Riemann-Stieltjes integration, and series of functions. Note: The student must complete MAA 3200 before attempting this course.
    Prerequisites: MAC 2313 (Calc III), MAS 3105 (Linear Algebra) and MAA 3200 (Adv. Math)

    MAA 5616 Introduction to Real Analysis (3). Lebesgue Measure and Integral with applications to Integral Transforms. Prerequisites: Any one of MAS 3105 (Linear Algebra), MAA 4211 (Advanced Calculus), MAP 4401 (Advanced Differential Equations), or MAA4212 (Topics in Advanced Calculus).
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    Advanced courses are hard to find online, as there is a much stronger market for introductory courses.

    I do recall taking linear algebra through LSU many years ago, and LSU does have more advanced math courses available through distance learning than many other places. I'm not sure these are the ones you need though. See:

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    I've been wondering the same. Since I'm taking an abstract algebra and analysis unit, I've been wondering whether differential equations and PDEs units are delivered online? I'd like to take pure maths and theoretical computer science units exclusive so I'd like to fast-track the required DE/ PDE units for my program.

    For that reason, I've been thinking about utilising open universities in some English-speaking developing nation like India. Theoretically, the unit costs would be significantly lower and maths is a universal language to boot. Unfortunately, I'm finding it quite daunting going through all the potential universities and wonder if anyone is familiar with providers in that part of the world.

    Athabasca offers "higher-level" units....

    The negative is the $1,000 per unit price.....
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