Pressure change and area ratio help

  1. so if you put about 120 psi in a container and then instanly release it into another with something blocking the way, how fast would that escape, what are the variables in this
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  3. russ_watters

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    Size of the containers and size of the orifice.
  4. do guys know any good barrel to air container ratios or anything i should know befor i go building a spud gun cuz i want maximum velocity out of it with like 120 psi
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    Unless you can make a C-D nozzle, you'll probably end up choking the valve on the tank and that will set your max velocity.
  6. russ_watters

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    I forgot about choked flow, but in any case, a C-D nozzle still involves choked flow...(i know you know that). If he only cares about mass flow, getting a supersonic airstream doesn't actually do anything for him.
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