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Pressure coefficient of a diesel engine

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    With Heat exchanger, Exhaust Calorimeter (water and gas) temperatures along with dynometer readings for each temperature reading, is it possible to calculate the pressure coefficient of the engine?
    If so, what formula would be required?
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    I have calculated pressure ratio's in diesel engines before but I have never heard of a pressure coefficient. What is that? By knowing that value what can one learn from it?

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    You can't have a Cp for an engine, as Cp conerns the relative pressures in flow of fluids.

    So you could have Cp for points of flow in the engine. But not the engine itsself.
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    Ohh, you mean the specific heat of costant pressure? Yes, you cannot have this since as the combustion cycle, cycles, the pressure is changing.

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    Nah I was just using Cp for pressure coefficient. I forgot that specific heat has the same abbreviation/symbol.
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    LOL, okay.

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