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Pressure drop in fuel assemblies

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    I am studying the mentioned topic I am confused in calculating the average value of friction factor in sub channels ... please help ??
    thank you in advance
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    thank you!

    can you provide me the link from where i can get the MIT exam paper to solve .. for these topics
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    third link is not working ...
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    Link working here ok .

    If still not working on your computer then paste the whole link into Google . Usually works with problematic links .
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    again not working
    time out error is displayed on screen
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    You must have a local problem since all links are working ok for me in UK .

    What country are you in ?
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    I am from Pakistan
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    oh ok !
    and its ok thank you for your kind support
    best regards!
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    Hi, you wrote about pressure drop in fuel assemblies. But you have to specify, whether you mean pressurized water reactors (single phase flow) or boiling water reactors (two-phase flow).

    In general, total fuel assembly pressure drop is formed by fuel bundle frictional drop (dependent on relative roughness of fuel rods, reynolds number, hydraulic diameter etc.) and other pressure drops of structural elements (top and bottom nozzle, spacing grids or mixing grids).

    In general, it is not so simple to calculate pressure drops in fuel assemblies (especially the spacing grids) and it belongs to key know-how of certain fuel manufacturer. Mostly, pressure drops are measured in experimental hydraulic loops, rather than calculated.

    If you want to know more, specify your problem. Here are some valuable sources:

    Frictional losses - single phase
    Pressure drop - two-phase
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    Thank you very much for such a kind response,
    i have studied these topics ... these are quite interesting ...
    i am studying single phase "pressurized water reactor" ... my main focus is on the pressure drop across fuel rods and pressure drop in steam generator , i am neglecting all minor losses ... i have calculated the pressure drop with and without spacers ...and also considering the lateral flow pattern..
    now i am not getting the main purpose of the coefficient calculations ... significance of "p/D" ratio ??? in general how we calculate p/D ratio for triangular lattice in a cylindrical shell of steam generator ? what values of pressure drop are acceptable ... thank you in advance :)
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