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Neutron transport equation and pressure drop calculations in core ..

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    i am a physicist now i am doing Ms in nuclear engineering ... i need to understand basic concepts ...
    neutron transport equation ? what is the transport phenomenon actually ?
    and pressure drop calculations in core ... plz help thanks in advance
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    Those are two broad areas. I would imagine that one will take courses in reactor theory and fluid mechanics in which one would learn both subjects.

    A fission reaction releases 2 or 3 neutrons in addition to the two fission product radionuclides and gamma radiation. Some fission products also release neutrons, and that population is called 'delayed neutrons' which allow for control of the reactor during withdrawal of control rods. Fission neutrons are born with energies in the low MeV range, and they must be slowed or 'moderated' to less the 0.1 eV, or 7-8 orders of magnitude in energy to increase the probability of causing additional fissions. Transport theory and its approximation, diffusion theory, addresses how a population of neutrons behave in a reactor environment.

    Fluid mechanics describes how fluids behave when flowing through structures such as pipes, or in the case of a reactor, through the core. The fuel assemblies impose a resistance, or drag, on the coolant. The pressure, in conjunction with temperature, is important as it influences the heat transfer mechanism, forced convection, and it is important in pressurized water reactors (PWRs) to limit nucleate boiling toward the top of the core (the coolant condition must remain below the point of departure from nuclear boiling, DNB), whereas in boiling water reactors (BWRs) must remain below a critical power at which boiling transition, or dryout, occurs.
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    thank you very much i have taken a course on fluid mechanics but i think i was unable to understand it well ... as our class consists of mechanical engg as well as scientists so the very basic knowledge was not provided so i was unable to handle problems in paper ... i need to understand the deep concepts and how to solve the given problems ... i am studying reactor theory courses in this semester hopefully i will be able to understand the concept very well ...
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    Respectable @Astronuc
    thank you for the kind response sir,
    please if you can provide help regarding pressure drop calculation mentioned in kazmi book ?
    question is what is the main difference in calculating the pressure drop across one fuel rod and entire core .
    chap #9 single phased fluid mechanics ...
    provide any link regarding calculations your help would be appreciated ...
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