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Pressure Vessel and Heat Exchanger Design - Guidelines

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    HI Guys,

    I am new to design of Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers but familiar with the 3D Modeling, Drafting and Fabrication of these Equipments.
    Till now I get the inputs from our Pressure Vessel Engineer and do the works and now i want to do the Engineering of Pressure Equipments in Software PV Elite.
    I don't Have any Idea how it is done and what are the inputs required to do it.
    I am going thro some of the writers like Dennis moss, but need professional people to advice me regarding this.

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    Hi Sathish

    If I am not mistaken, you are asking a question. This section of PF is for introductions only. You are best to post your question in another, appropriate, section of PF.

    By the way, welcome!

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    Thanks Stevie
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    HI Stevie, I am new to this forum, could u pls guide me were can i post queries related to Pressure Vessels, Best if you guide with link
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