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Schools Prestige University or Regular accredited university?

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    I'm a undergraduate, major in physics at Weber State University in Utah. I have a very serious debate about whether is better for me to graduate here at Weber or make a transfer to the University of Florida (since am a resident in Florida). I began by getting my GED at seminole Sate university , did my SATs and didn't do very well on them but i got accepted here at Weber.
    By the end of this spring semester I will have 50 credits of course done at Weber state University and i need 60 credits of coursework just to be able to apply for transfer at the University of Florida.

    I'm a person of ambition who really wants to get far in my career and someday be able to work for NASA or any space association that hires physicist to explore space.

    But here is my concern, does it really matter what college I graduated from if i'm seeking for a job at NASA in the future , also, will having a Physics degree from Weber State University be enough to go to Grad school and apply for like MIT for a PHd in the future??
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    Does it matter to you? You typically can get just as good of an education from any college. Prestige universities are not necessarily better, it depends on how good of a student you are. Is it important for you to have a prestige university on your resume? I wouldn't think it would matter that much as long as your not coming from a diploma mill. If your going to get your PhD etc., id imagine it would be much more based on what you actually do your thesis on.
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    110% just concentrate on good grades where you are, and you can do whatever you want later on.
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