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In graph theory, a regular graph is a graph where each vertex has the same number of neighbors; i.e. every vertex has the same degree or valency. A regular directed graph must also satisfy the stronger condition that the indegree and outdegree of each vertex are equal to each other. A regular graph with vertices of degree


{\displaystyle k}
is called a


{\displaystyle k}
‑regular graph or regular graph of degree


{\displaystyle k}
. Also, from the handshaking lemma, a regular graph contains an even number of vertices with odd degree.
Regular graphs of degree at most 2 are easy to classify: a 0-regular graph consists of disconnected vertices, a 1-regular graph consists of disconnected edges, and a 2-regular graph consists of a disjoint union of cycles and infinite chains.
A 3-regular graph is known as a cubic graph.
A strongly regular graph is a regular graph where every adjacent pair of vertices has the same number l of neighbors in common, and every non-adjacent pair of vertices has the same number n of neighbors in common. The smallest graphs that are regular but not strongly regular are the cycle graph and the circulant graph on 6 vertices.
The complete graph



{\displaystyle K_{m}}
is strongly regular for any


{\displaystyle m}
A theorem by Nash-Williams says that every


{\displaystyle k}
‑regular graph on 2k + 1 vertices has a Hamiltonian cycle.

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  1. Z

    A Regular vs stable orbits in spherically symmetric potentials

    I am struggling with Hamiltonian formulation of classical mechanics. I think I have grasped the idea of canonical transformations, including the idea of angle-action variables and invariant tori in phase space. Still, few points seem to elude my understanding... Let's talk about a particle...
  2. C

    Comp Sci Regular Expression in Theory of Automata and Computation

    In first part,since every block of 4 consecutive symbol contain at least 2 a's The answer in notes is given (aa(a+b)(a+b)+a(a+b)a(a+b)+a(a+b)(a+b)a+(a+b)aa(a+b)+(a+b)a(a+b)a+(a+b)(a+b)aa)+ But this wont be true since if we choose aabbbbaa which is possible according to the above regular...
  3. shivajikobardan

    What is [50-99] in regular expression?

    As the slide says, it's not 50-99 characters so what it is? Source: https://www3.cs.stonybrook.edu/~pfodor/courses/CSE307/L02_Programming_RE.pdf Also, please tell me how to learn regular expressions? Recommend some university/any courses to take for learning regular expression for backend...
  4. shivajikobardan

    Comp Sci Regular expression to NFA -- confusing regular expressions-:

    R=(01+010)* For it I made the below nfa which i believe seems correct. Plus the tutorials that I am following also make sure it’s correct. Q0 is initial state(forgot to mention in figure). R=(01)*+(010)* But idk how to convert this to NFA What will be languages accepted by this NFA? Won’t...
  5. shivajikobardan

    MHB Regular expression to NFA-confusing regular expressions-:

    R=(01+010)* For it I made the below nfa which i believe seems correct. Plus the tutorials that I am following also make sure it’s correct. Q0 is initial state(forgot to mention in figure)...
  6. shivajikobardan

    Comp Sci Is the DFA Solution for Regular Expressions Accurate?

    but the solution site says otherwise-: https://cyberzhg.github.io/toolbox/nfa2dfa I feel correct mine also, but not sure. Check it please.
  7. moriah

    Regular Grade Gas and its Effects on Car Engines

    Is regular grade gas detrimental to a car’s engine?
  8. Monsterboy

    Particles moving on a regular hexagon

    When I first read the question, it didn't occur to me that these particles would ever meet or catch up with their neighbors. They are all traveling from one vertex to another with a velocity ##v## and a distance ##a##, all either clockwise or anticlockwise right ? The question says "Each...
  9. rbh

    Point charges in a regular hexagon

    The answer should be (2×sqrt3×k×q^2)/a^2. What did I do wrong?
  10. Who_w

    Moment of inertia of a regular triangle

    Please, I need help! I need to calculate the moment of inertia of a triangle relatively OY. I have an idea to split my triangle into rods and use Huygens-Steiner theorem, but after discussed this exercise with my friend, I have a question: which of these splits are right (picture 1 and 2)? Or...
  11. MesonMarcus

    Can you solve this puzzle involving regular expressions?

    can anyone help solve this puzzle regarding regular expressions? I was given this in an interview test from BAE systems cyber security department a few years ago and just came across it again, still haven't managed to get anywhere like an answer. I have tried matching each line of regex to form...
  12. LCSphysicist

    Group exercise for rotations of regular n-gon objects

    The doubt is about B and C. b) n = 4, $C = {I,e^{2\pi/4}} n = 5, $C = {I,e^{2\pi/5}} n = 6, $C = {I,e^{2\pi/6}} Is this right? c) I am not sure what does he wants...
  13. Vanilla Gorilla

    I Is there a way to translate a particle's spin into regular motion?

    Is there a way to translate a quantum particle's spin into regular motion in any of the directions?
  14. A

    5 charges placed at 5 vertices of a regular hexagon

    If 5 charges (each q) are placed at 5 vertex of a regular hexagon of side a then effectively the electric field at the centre of the hexagon is $$\frac{q}{4\pi\epsilon_0a^2} $$ but the potential is $$\frac{5q}{4\pi\epsilon_0a}$$ but then what about $$V=-\int \textbf{E•dr}$$
  15. Julio1

    MHB Prove that if L is regular, then L^R is regular

    Prove that if $L$ is regular, then $L^R=\{w^R, w\in L\}$ is regular. Hello MHB! I need if you can help me with this problem. Thank you.
  16. F

    Laser light vs "Regular" Light

    Hello, Light, laser or not, is fundamentally electromagnetic radiation with visible wavelengths. Laser light has both high spatial coherence and temporal coherence (highly monochromatic) while regular light has both very low spatial and temporal coherence. Spatial coherence is not about spectral...
  17. BlackPowder

    What is the difference between a waveguide/horn and regular metal pipes?

    What is the difference between those horns/waveguides and regular metal pieces with a same geometry? Why the microwave companies sell those parts at hundreds and thousands dollars? Why we cannot buy some metal sheets or pipes on McMaster-Carr with very low price and make some microwave...
  18. whoohm

    Maple Anyone using Maple in 2019 on regular basis?

    I know these software packages were discussed a lot in the past, but I have not seen much input from the last couple years. I have used Matlab for many years, but remember using Maple in University Physics courses many years ago. I'm interested in a software package for symbolic math to use...
  19. S

    I Applying the spacetime interval to regular vectors instead of curves

    I have some questions. Let us assume for these questions that I am using the (- + + +) sign convention. Firstly, we know that if you have a parameterized curve ξ(s), then you can find the proper time between two events at points s1 and s2 by using this formula (assuming that the curve is...
  20. J

    I Why Does Wormhole Travel Take Longer Than a 'Regular' Path?

    Hi! I've just read some articles about the fact that wormhole travel would be slower then taking a "regular space time path" between two hypothetical black holes. This stunned me as I always thought the Einstein - Rosen Bridge would be connecting two distant points in space in a more direct...
  21. S

    MHB How do I convert from this mod number to a regular number?

    So I was working on solving $(\frac{1}{4900})^{100}$, and I figured the only way to do this neatly is through modular arithmetic. I found that $4900 \equiv 84 \ (\text {mod 112})$, so I concluded $$\frac{1^{100}}{84^{10}\times84^{10} \ (\text{mod 112})}$$ Which should equal...
  22. S

    How many words of length n are there in this regular language?

    Homework Statement I am self studying automata theory and I found a problem set from an old class I took a few years ago, but I have no clue how to solve the following problem, any help would be appreciated.Suppose we have a regular language ##L \subseteq \{0,1\}^*## and the language ##...
  23. S

    Prove or disprove that chop(L) is a regular language

    Homework Statement "Let L be any regular language over an alphabet Σ. Using L, we define chop(L) = {w : ∃ x, y, z ∈ Σ∗ , xyz ∈ L, w = xz}. Show that chop(L) is regular or give a counter-example." Homework Equations If an NFA that describes the language chop(L) exists, then chop(L) is a...
  24. Sorcerer

    I Distance between points on a regular tetrahedron

    I suck at geometry, but I have this intuitive notion that the points on the corners of a regular tetrahedron are all equidistant. How do I go about proving this true (or false, if I'm wrong)? Note that the highest geometry class I've taken is high school, but I'm okay with any undergraduate...
  25. C

    MHB Regular perturbation nonlinear problem

    Hi all, I have this (nondimensionalised) system of ODEs that I am trying to analyse: \[ \begin{align} \frac{dr}{dt}= &\ - \left(\alpha+\frac{\epsilon}{2}\right)r + \left(1-\frac{\epsilon}{2}\right)\alpha p - \alpha^2\beta r p + \frac{\epsilon}{2} \\ \frac{dp}{dt}= &\...
  26. R

    Regular and irregular points?

    Homework Statement Determine singular points of given DE. Classify as regular or irregular (x^3 -2x^2 + 3x)^2 y'' + x(x-3)^2 y' + (-x-1)y = 0 Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution From the polynomial infront of y'' I get x^2 (x^2 -2x + 3)^2 right out of the bat I can see that x =...
  27. B

    Finding regular singular point

    Homework Statement Show that ##x^2y''+sin(x)y'-y = 0## has a regular singular point at ##x=0##, determine the indicial equation and it's roots. Homework Equations For a DE in the form of ##y''+p(x)y'+q(x)y=0##, if both ##p(x)## and ##q(x)## are not analytic at ##x=x_0##, and both...
  28. I

    B Regular derivation on The Universal Law of Gravitation?

    Hello Everybody, I am Meaningless and I had this doubt on Newtons laws of gravitation while deriving it. My textbook stated the following derivation 9 for any two masses m1, m2, and radius 'r' It stated that according to the law of product of masses...
  29. M

    Prove that this language is not regular (using Pumping Lemma)

    Homework Statement Let CRYPT be the language of cryptographic expressions of this type that can be generated by the following grammar. S → E S → ε E → E + E E → E − E E → SIMPLESUB(E, STRING) E → VIGENERE(E, STRING) E → LOCTRAN(E, DIGITS) E → STRING In this grammar, the non-terminals...
  30. lfdahl

    MHB What is the Sum of Lengths for a Regular n-gon Inscribed in a Unit Circle?

    Let $S_n$ be the sum of lengths of all the sides and all the diagonals of a regular $n$-gon inscribed in a unit circle. (a). Find $S_n$. (b). Find $$\lim_{{n}\to{\infty}}\frac{S_n}{n^2}$$
  31. karush

    MHB top vertex of a regular tetrahedron

    $\tiny{}$ $\textrm{Imagine $3$ unit spheres (radius equal to 1) with centers at,}\\$ $\textrm{$O(0,0,0)$, $P(\sqrt{3},-1,0)$ and $Q(\sqrt{3},1,0)$.} \\$ $\textrm{Now place another unit sphere symmetrically on top of these spheres with its center at R.} \\$ $\textrm{a Find the...
  32. Absentee

    "Regular" filtration with reverse osmosis filter?

    A nanofiltration filter has a pore size around 0.001 micron. Reverse osmosis filters have a pore size around 0.0001 micron. Additionaly, reverse osmosis occurs when a semi-permeable membrane separates solutions of different concentrations so osmotic pressure has to be applied to move water from...
  33. alan

    Derive approximate expression by regular solution theory

    The question is about to derive an approximate expression by regular solution theory, It is difficult for me to find relevant source on this question. However, the question to me is so vague that I do not know how to answer. What I have tried is to search what the interaction parameter is...
  34. S

    Is Electric Toothbrush better then regular toothbrushes?

    Hi Everyone! I'm wondering.. Is Electric Toothbrush better then regular toothbrushes? Can you please share thoughts on this? Thanks in advance.
  35. M

    Variations of Regular Curves problem

    Homework Statement Let γs : I → Rn, s ∈ (−δ, δ), > 0, be a variation with compact support K ⊂ I' of a regular curve γ = γ0. Show that there exists some 0 < δ ≤ ε such that γs is a regular curve for all s ∈ (−δ, δ). Thus, we may assume w.l.o.g. that any variation of a regular curve consists of...
  36. Albert1

    MHB Calculate $\overline{AB}+\overline{AC}$ of Regular Nonagon ABCDEFGHI

    $A\,\, regular \,\,nonagon \,\,ABCDEFGHI,\,\,if \,\,\overline{AE}=1$ $find :\overline{AB}+\overline{AC}=?$
  37. M

    Show Regular Homotopy thru curve and its arclength parameters

    Homework Statement Let γ be a regular closed curve in Rn. Show that there is a regular homotopy Γ through closed curves with Γ(−, 0) = γ and Γ(−, 1) an arclength parametrization of γ Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution Hey guys, I just posted another question about homotopy but often...
  38. M

    Show Regular Homotopy is an Equivalence Relation

    Homework Statement Show that regular homotopy of regular curves γ : I → Rn is an equivalence relation, that is: i) γ ∼ γ (where the symbol ∼ stands for “regularly homotopic”); ii) γ ∼ γ˜ implies ˜γ ∼ γ; iii) γ ∼ γ˜ and ˜γ ∼ γˆ implies γ ∼ γˆ (here you have to use a smoothing function)...
  39. dkotschessaa

    I Etymology of "regular" and "normal" spaces

    This is kind of a silly question. I always get "regular" spaces and "normal" spaces confused in topology. This will be a problem if I am asked on a qualifier to prove something about one of these spaces. Is there any linguistic or historical justification to why a regular space deals with a...
  40. M

    Lattice Models for Fluids - Regular Solution Model

    1. Problem Statement: For the regular solution model, develop the equations for the compositions of the coexisting phases in a binary system and plot the phase boundary as a function of χ/RT.2. This question stems from Sandler's Introduction to Applied Statistical Thermodynamics. The Attempt...
  41. M

    I A regular matrix <=> mA isomorphism

    Hello all Let ##m_A: \mathbb{K^n} \rightarrow \mathbb{K^n}: X \mapsto AX## and ##A \in M_{m,n}(\mathbb{K})## (I already proved that this function is linear) I want to prove that: A regular matrix ##\iff m_A## is an isomorphism. So, here is my approach. Can someone verify whether this is...
  42. A

    MHB Algebra help - a race around a regular polygon

    Bert and Ernie are running around a regular polygon with x sides, all of length 12m. They start from the same point and run in opposite directions. If Bert is twice as fast as Ernie, how far will Ernie have traveled when they meet?
  43. kolleamm

    B Could dark matter be regular matter?

    What if dark matter is just regular matter that's not very well lit up? What do you think?
  44. F

    Regular heptagon, finding value of unknowns

    Homework Statement Homework Equations (n-2)*180[/B]The Attempt at a Solution 11.a: 7-2=5, 5*180= 900. 900/7= 128.57 degrees b. How do you find the unknowns?[/B]
  45. evinda

    MHB Proving Regularity of $L^R$ Using DFA Construction

    Hello! (Wave) I want to prove that if $L$ is regular then $L^R=\{ w | w^R \in L \}$ is regular. I have thought the following: We suppose that $L$ is regular. Then there is a dfa that recognizes $L$. Assume that $q_0$ is the starting state and $q_n$ is an accepting state, where $n \in...
  46. Jianphys17

    I Do Carmo's book, chap2 Regular surfaces, definition 1.2 -- question

    On chapter over regular surfaces, In definition 1 point 2. He says that x: U → V∩S is a homeomorphisms, but U⊂ℝ^2 onto V∩S⊂ℝ^3. I am confused, how can it be so!
  47. S

    Regular expressions with google web search

    Hi all, Cam google web search accepet regular expressions? Especially, I need to search strings with any number between two words, for example: "vehicle runs at XXX km/h". Thank you
  48. N

    Convert data from weird to regular data

    Dear Group, I have a 30_sec_data.txt with weird characters in it and data.txt with nice numeric in it, Any one have any ideal to help me convert data from weird to regular data using Matlab. Thank you, Best regard,
  49. domainwhale

    Insights High Temperature Low Temperature Duality for the Ising Model on an Infinite Regular Tree - Comments

    domainwhale submitted a new PF Insights post High Temperature Low Temperature Duality for the Ising Model on an Infinite Regular Tree Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.