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Analysis Principles to Real and Complex and Functional

  1. Jun 11, 2015 #1
    I'm reading Rudin's principles and so far I really like it. I find charm I'm his terseness, and I think having that motivation to do a lot of the stuff myself makes it pretty fun (like only using the outline of the Dedekind cuts section and prove all the steps myself). However, I have heard not so good things about his later chapters. I can stand having terse material, and even things left as exercises, but I don't like having things ommitted, as long as they are there I'm fine. But I know the stuff in later chapters is really important. Instead of using many other books which I might not have access to to supplement his later chapters (like 9 to 11), do you think I could get the "rest filled in" by going into his Real and Complex and Functional analysis book afterwards if it more sufficiently covers that? If not, I would appreciate if you guys knew what would be good supplementary material for these chapters? Thanks in advance.
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