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Pro Engineer in a week! Muwahahhaha!

  1. Apr 22, 2007 #1
    Ahahahahah, I got addicted to playing with Pro-E for my Dewalt Impact driver project and I ended up making this. I started out only knowing how to make basic shapes like squares and circles and then I made this thing in a week!

    http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/1619/drivergh0.png [Broken]

    http://img174.imageshack.us/img174/231/driverzn7.png [Broken]

    http://img174.imageshack.us/img174/24/driverbr4.png [Broken]

    http://img72.imageshack.us/img72/2366/frontwf9.png [Broken]

    Now I must make the driver, front driver head, attach on handel, and battery pack.

    Its close, but not perfect, to the real thing

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  3. Apr 22, 2007 #2
    Cool, looks pretty good so far. :D
  4. Apr 22, 2007 #3
    That is some really good work there. The fact that you are able to do all of that in a week is really impressive. Pro-E can have a brutal learning curve but it looks like you mastered the curve, so it is smooth sailing from tis point out.
  5. Apr 23, 2007 #4
    Here we go, its now finished!! :biggrin:

    http://img128.imageshack.us/img128/6806/drivernj0.png [Broken]


    Wow, I cant belive it came out that good! :surprised:
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  6. Apr 23, 2007 #5
    http://img516.imageshack.us/img516/5613/drver2pz6.png [Broken]
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    What's this for? Nailing hunting requisites onto the wall?
  8. Apr 24, 2007 #7
    Ok, so I went a little more nuts and made EVERY single part inside the driver!!

    http://img251.imageshack.us/img251/475/drivervn3.png [Broken]
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  9. Apr 24, 2007 #8
    http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/3833/driverzm3.png [Broken]
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  10. Apr 24, 2007 #9
    That is freakin awesome cyrusabdollahi. Where do you get this pro-e?
  11. Apr 24, 2007 #10
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  12. Apr 24, 2007 #11
    I made it in the computer lab at school. Im going to use it for FEA stress analysis.
  13. Apr 24, 2007 #12
    Yah that product is pretty amazing but expensive. Maybe I'll see if I can download a copy:rofl:
  14. Apr 25, 2007 #13
    That is a 3d image, looks pretty good.

    Sometimes you'll be interested in the work because of what you actually can do and that is who you are than a single image of woodwork driller.

    About your stress analyses I am sure I can not help, since it's not new at all and I am no a 3d image professional. I have tried and failed several times, I know that.
    Sometimes I tried, and my acts turned me weird really cruel to several people. Do you think I should continue drawing 2-3d stuff ? It is not a disappointing idea over what I am trying out, I am nice to be in the way I am to be so that my things would always look nice and neat whenever and whatever I do.
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  15. Apr 25, 2007 #14
    You don't sound right about that.
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