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Probabilities in Quantum Mechanics

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    Hi there,

    The average expected result for particles with 1/2 probability going through slit 1 and 1/2 probabiltiy going through 2, for a large number of particles (N) is exactly that: 1/2 slit 1, 1/2 slit 2.

    We send the large number of particles through and find that roughly half go through slit 1 and half go through slit 2. But we further send another N number of particles through.

    When these sort of predictions get verified, do a further N number of particles get sent through and the statistics stay roughly the same as the first N lot of particles? Is that how the average is verified?

    Because couldn't you get different probabilities if you send a further N number of particles through and they deviate away from 1/2 slit 1, 1/2 slit 2?
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    Is it that after a finite N number of trials, the probabilities predicted are more-or-less met, and with the law of large numbers, any further trials will still conform to the predicted statistics?
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