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Homework Help: Probability in the Stern Gerlach

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    1.Show that one gets a 50% : 50% probability for deflection up and down in a y-Stern Gerlach measurement when atoms that are preselected as +x atoms or -x atoms are used as a source.

    What kind of the equation is it? Do we just need to find the coefficients and square them?

    2.A source produces atoms is using z-basis as a matrix A (1 i) and moving along y-axis. then we know a magnetic field is applied to the atoms in +y direction to rotate the dipole moment by an angle(a) and we know the rotation matrix B (about a).

    For the mathematical description of the state after rotation is AB. Is that right?

    Thanks a lot.
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    It specifically says dont post homework questions here..


    1. You need to use the wave equations for +x and -x atoms (|psi> = |+x> and |psi>=|-x>) and transform it to the y basis. Then square the coefficients.

    2. Could you phrase the question in english please? I have no idea what your trying to ask.
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    First of all, I think I posted another same one in the advanced phys of homework forum.

    Anyway, thanks first, so what is the "|psi>"? The question is just copied from the assignment paper, and I have no idea either...

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