Problem sets with answers to go along with cohen-tannoudji

  1. Hey!

    I'm fifteen and have been self-studying physics and math for quite some time now. I'm getting further into Cohen-Tannoudji and, while I do the exercises, I worry about whether or not I'm doing them correctly.

    I'd like some problem sets with answers-- online or in book format-- that would tie into my studies. Thanks!
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  3. I'm guessing it's this book your working through
    Cohen-Tannoudji, Claude. Quantum Mechanics. 2 vols. Wiley, 1977. ISBN: 0471164321
    (reading for

    I know very little about QM but googling I found this set of problems and solutions, I hope they are relevant:

    Also in the thread below someone suggests "Schaums Outline Quantum Mechanics", it has over 200 solved problems.

    PF Thread; "Cohen-Tannoudji or Shankar's textbooks in QM?"

    Hope this helps.
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