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Problems in automotive engineering

  1. Jan 27, 2015 #1

    can you tell me please what are the current challenges in automotive industry?

    please be as specific as possible, for example, it won't help to say to make engines more efficient, but it will help to say to find a way to harvest the kinetic energy of the exhaust gases

    also, elaborating on the problem will help, ie. what has been done so far and what is the problem exactly, we need a stronger material? a new electronic circuit? a new mechanical mechanism?

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    I work in Tata Technologies, a service provider to an OEM, Tata Motors.

    From what I've observed here, most of challenges taken up are weight reduction, packaging, changing placements of components on an engine for introducing new components.

    Things like using the energy of exhaust gases are already in use. But there's always something going on to improve current models. There's a component called a turbocharger for that. A task I'd taken up was to introduce a new model of a turbocharger on an old engine.

    A lot of work is done on reports of failed components. When there is a report on failure, the reason is looked into and a solution is worked out.

    Another thing undergoing a lot of resaerch is hybrid engines.

    Sorry I can't provide too many details as I'm pretty new here. Hope this helped a bit.
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    One problem is how to reduce or eliminate the emission of particulate below 10um from Diesel engines. And another is how to catalyse NOx with a Diesel engine. These emissions are becoming serious for the larger cities. One solution is to use a petrol engine, but how do we obtain the high efficiency of the Diesel?
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