Problems with living outside the Heliosphere?

  1. So, Voyager 1 appears to have finally made it outside of the Heliosphere, and is now encountering high energy particles, galactic wind, cosmic rays, etc.

    Are these likely to be more dangerous to human life than the conditions faced inside the Solar system, or would a space station capable of surviving in (for example) orbit around Neptune be able to support life in the interstellar medium? If it is, how would a station cope with the local conditions in order to support life - more radiation shielding, or using magnetism or similar to redirect the stellar wind, or some other solution?
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    Cosmic rays are present in the solar system as well - it would be necessary to check the numbers, but I don't think the ratio is significant for high-energetic particles. Low-energetic particles are not an issue, you need some proper shielding anyway.
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