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Professor at college with only a B.S. in physics?

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    Are there professors with only bachelor's degrees in physics who teach at the (non community-college) college level? What type of colleges and professors are these? Thanks
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    I have never heard of such a thing. All the professors at my university are required to have a phd or to be currently pursing one (have a masters and earning a phd and have teaching responsibilities to earn it and teach classes to get the degree)
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    Not in the United States. Having instructors of record with masters degree is an absolute requirement for college accreditation (including community colleges) for several of the accreditators (namely SACS), and it's become an implicit requirement for the others.
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    Not in Europe either, where the title of "Professor" seems to be more exclusive than in the U.S. and only applies to people holding a chair. At my university, most classes are taught by proper Professors, and the ones who aren't are taught by someone with a PhD at least.
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    Vanadium 50

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    In physics, I know of none, and while there are some MS faculty out there hired years ago, new hires are almost always at the PhD level. I can think of one exception, and that was a two-body hire with one member of the couple finishing off the dissertation. Why would a college hire someone without a PhD when they have a hundred applicants of people with PhDs?

    It is less gobsmackingly rare in the fine and performing arts. Barbara Butler, professor of trumpet at Northwestern, has a BMus. She also has former students in just about every major symphony orchestra in the US.
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