What is B.s.: Definition and 90 Discussions

A Bachelor of Science (BS, BSc, SB, or ScB; from the Latin baccalaureus scientiae or scientiae baccalaureus) is a bachelor's degree awarded for programs that generally last three to five years.The first university to admit a student to the degree of Bachelor of Science was the University of London in 1860.Whether Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degrees are awarded in particular subjects varies between universities. For example, an economics student may graduate as a Bachelor of Arts in one university but as a Bachelor of Science in another, and occasionally, both options are offered. Some universities follow the Oxford and Cambridge tradition that even graduates in mathematics and the sciences become Bachelors of Arts, while other institutions offer only the Bachelor of Science degree, even in non-science fields.At universities that offer both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in the same discipline, the Bachelor of Science degree is usually more focused on that particular discipline and is targeted toward students intending to pursue graduate school or a profession in that discipline.

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  1. U

    Other 3-year B.S. Physics vs. 4-year B.S.+M.S. vs. ....

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the Physics Forums, so please feel free to visit the linked thread if you'd like to know a bit about me: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/hello-everyone.960116/ And please ask any questions if you need to know more about my situation, since I have a bit of an...
  2. P

    What Are the Career Prospects for a Recent Physics Grad in Material Science?

    Hello! Longtime reader, first time joiner. I am a recent (not yet a year) college graduate with a B.S. in physics and a focus in material science. A focus at my university is basically four classes to get you a head start on a graduate degree. I have also been working as an intern for about a...
  3. Poison Ivy

    Engineering Have B.S. in Engineering, can I get M.S. in Psychology?

    I was always interested in Psychology but I went into Engineering to satisfy my mother and since she's still not satisfied (who was I kidding?), I'm thinking about getting into Psychology. Can I get an M.S. in Psychology even if I already have a B.S. in Engineering? I'm sure it's not usual...
  4. Fraze

    Intro Physics Textbooks for the math of a B.S. in Physics and Engineering?

    Should one focus on just the ability to DO the math or also the theory behind it? Would a the book " ISBN-10: 0521679710 " suffice or should I do something to the effect of Spivak's or Apostol's calculus?
  5. cmyers152

    Physics B.S. physics grad looking for post-college ideas

    Hi everyone, Thanks for taking the time to read my post. So as I stated above, I will be graduating with my BS in physics this coming fall. My GPA will be about a 2.5/2.6 upon graduation. I come from a respected big ten school so I know the name alone will help me a slight amount. But as for...
  6. Z

    Programs Should I Pursue a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering?

    I am going to be getting my A.S. in Mechanical Engineering by the end of next semester; however, I am not sure if I should pursue a B.S. in ME or EE. Both degrees would take me 3 years to finish (ME will be 12 credits a semester and one part time semester, EE will be 13-15 a semester. I can't...
  7. U

    Engineering Getting An Internship after getting B.S. in mathematics

    A few years ago, I graduated from Wheaton College with a B.S. in Mathematics; my objective is to be a mathematician in engineering that helps mechanical engineers with their mathematical/statistical modeling. Since I graduated, I have been looking for internships in Chicago: Unfortunately, I...
  8. Z

    Programs A.S. in Mechanical Engineering to B.S. in Physics?

    How hard would it be to make this transition? It seems to me that the engineering classes I would take in my associates would make a few classes in my bachelors very easy.
  9. A

    Which B.S. degree is more employable: finance or statistics?

    Which B.S degree is more employable : finance or statistics (Business emphasis)?
  10. art sanchez

    I can get my B.S. in Physics in 2 years w/ this Schedule....

    I transferred into my school's physics program with all my core curriculum done, so I only have to take physics and math courses to finish my degree at this point. The physics program at my school is pretty small so pretty much all courses are only offered in either the fall or spring, and there...
  11. Haindi

    Should I pursue a B.S. in Physics?

    I am currently an NE major, but I am on the verge of switching to Physics at the start of my 2nd year. I have received B's in Calc 2-3 and in Engineering Physics I ( a massive weed out course) 120 students started out in that class, only 26 are registered in the 2nd Engineering Physics class(...
  12. A

    Reconsidering a B.S. in physics

    I'm a sophomore at UW, who loves math and physics. However, I have been thinking about changing majors as I need serious money to pay back loans, and seeing as BS physics majors don't get many jobs I might change. I don't want to change just for money, but right after college I need a job at...
  13. Jarvis323

    B.S. Graduate, Great Job Opportunity, Going to Grad Sc.

    Sorry for the confusing and ambiguous title. I had a hard time describing the topic in so few words. I am graduating, in a few weeks, with a B.S. in Computer Science and will be off to pursue a Masters degree. Recently, multiple companies have asked me to submit a resume and come in for an...
  14. C

    Pursue MS or Second BS for Abet Accredited EE Degree?

    I have a BS in CS from a non-Abet accredited program and would like to pursue electrical engineering (specifically automotive control systems) as a career. I've searched companies/jobs I'd like to do in the future and most require an engineering degree from an Abet accredited program. Would it...
  15. B

    Should I Choose a B.A. or B.S. in Physics to Prepare for an Engineering Career?

    Hello! So I am currently a senior at a relatively small high school in Pennsylvania. I have always wanted to become an engineer. I have loved Legos from an early age which I believe sparked the engineering path. I'm just fascinated by how things work, especially our natural world. I took AP...
  16. A

    B.S. in physics, Masters in Aerospace Engineering?

    Hi, I'm a high school senior and I want to study Aerospace Engineering but my local university doesn't have it and going to another university is not an option, so what should my B.S. be? Physics? or an engineering that is somehow related to aerospace? Plus, does Masters in Aerospace Engineering...
  17. T

    B.S. in Mech.E. But lost interest, and can't find employment

    Hi, so I recently graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering this past Spring. Since January I've been looking for employment, but I've had 0 luck. I have a 3.945 GPA and graduated magna cum laude, involvement in honor societies Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Tau Sigma, but I don't think that really...
  18. G

    Engineering Nuclear Engineer with B.S. in Physics?

    I have a B.S. in physics. Am I qualified for entry-level jobs in nuclear engineering?
  19. SpaceCowboy187

    Which B.S. from UC Davis to support NucE from UC Berkeley?

    Ok. I've determined that nuclear engineering research is for me. Want to study it at the B.S. level at Berkeley, but I live in Sacramento. Maybe the commute could be made. Daily. For 2 hours there and back. But... no. So I've decided that I can get a good degree from Davis to support my future...
  20. C

    Next Step: 2nd B.S. or M.S. (different from 1st B.S.)

    Quick background...I'm 31-yrs old and recently graduate with a BS in CS and minor in math from University of Maryland University College. UMUC is a primarily online, state school that is regionally accredited. I'm unsure of its reputation since I've heard mixed reviews from employers, which is...
  21. T

    B.S. in Computer Engineering, M.S./PhD in Technical/Engineering Physics?

    Hello all. Currently, I'm working towards changing my major towards Computer Engineering from Physics. I love Physics, but I can't see myself pursuing it as a lifetime career for some reason. When I told my high school teacher about this, he suggested that I look into technical physics...
  22. D

    B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, where should I go from here?

    Hello fellow PF members, Some background about me: I am currently a senior (actually is my 6th year in college) in Mechanical Engineering at Oregon State University. I am on track and will be graduating next summer. Given how long I have been in college, I would want to go straight to work...
  23. K

    Physics B.S. E.E. Ph.D. What next ?

    Hello Physics Forums. I am looking at finishing my Ph.D. here within the next year or so. I am looking to continue in academic work. My PhD work has mostly been directed deeper into physics (semiconductor and 2D materials) despite being in the EE department (there is a lot of need for basic...
  24. H

    Physics B.S. going for Electrical Engineering M.S Experiences?

    Hi all. So I've stalked the forum for the past few months or so and read more threads than I can count. Figured it was time to join up and post a bit. The title basically says everything I want to ask, but let me go into a bit more detail. I'm 21 and I graduated with a Physics B.S. this Spring...
  25. T

    B.S. in EE trying to transition into a renewable energy career

    I'm currently on a career path I got into through an applied physics masters, but there isn't much of future in my particular field so I'm trying to switch. Additionally, I'm very concerned about climate change and I have a B.S in Electrical Engineering (with a minor in physics), so I'm...
  26. F

    Programs Tips in Double degree in B.S. Computer Science and Physics

    The thing is I love computers, and I think a degree in Computer science can amplify that passion. However, just this time, I began to have interest in Physics to which I have no idea that I have. I am sincerely considering taking a double degree in both of these areas. Unfortunately, I don't...
  27. D

    Physics B.S. leaving me feeling unprepared for any job

    I'm about a semester away from graduating with a B.S. in Physics. While I have beome proficient in doing textbook problems and taking exams related to introductory classical physics and QM, as well as in pretty basic mathematical techniques (calculus, lin. algebra), I feel utterly unprepared to...
  28. F

    B.S Vs. Interdisciplinary B.S.

    I am currently an undergraduate college student that is in a dilemma. I have been in college for a long time, I am currently in my sixth year. My advisor has given me two options: graduate at the end of my sixth year with an "inter-disclipinary" B.S. in geosciences, or spend have one additional...
  29. N

    Job prospects for a B.S. in Astrophysics or Physics?

    Hello all! I'm thinking of getting a B.S. In Astrophysics or Physics and I was wondering what kind of jobs they're applicable to. Are Masters or PhD programs a must? Thanks in advance for any responses, Nassa
  30. QuarkCharmer

    Is a B.S. in Photonics worthwhile?

    Currently, I am an undergrad student in Physics, specializing in Optics (Meaning, my electives and all that are upper-level optics courses). I have every intention of going to graduate school. In fact, the reason that I am at this university, is because it is home to the #2(or 3?) Graduate...
  31. V

    B.S. Vs b.tech what must I take?

    Can someone please tell me in detail what are the differences in courses in an engineering bachelor's and bachelor in pure sciences, for eg. If I'm to select between B.S. In physics and b.tech in comp sci/EE etc, what are common things which i'll learn and what will be the major differences in...
  32. E

    From Physics B.S. to Astrophysics/Astronomy Ph.D. Possible?

    Is it possible to go straight into an Astrophysics or Astronomy Ph.D. program after obtaining a B.S. in Physics (general), or would you have to more or less specialize at the undergrad level and/or shoot for a masters prior to the Ph.D. in order to make sure that you know "enough" about...
  33. H

    Question of value B.S. Applied Mathematics to Engineering?

    Due to personal life issues and limitations, I've been seeking other options for my B.S. and came upon Applied Mathematics. What I've been on the fence about for a while now has been which Engineering degree to pursue be it Material Science, Mechanical, or Aerospace. However, it has been...
  34. M

    Biology B.s. Molecular Biology switch to education

    Hi everyone, Right now I'm pursuing a BS in molecular biology and I decided I'd like to switch to a Bs Ed. in biology and teach high school biology. I'm 49 credits in so far just looking for some advice, part of me wants to finish the Bs degree and then get certified K-12 at the graduate...
  35. denjay

    From B.S. in Physics, what engineering program available? (realistically)

    If one has a B.S. in Physics with research experience involving lab work, data analysis, and programming, what kinds of engineering programs are available? I know that Optical Engineering is a program that one would have a good chance of getting into with a Physics degree but what about others...
  36. J

    Will getting a B.S. in physics give you all the information you need to know?

    Of course i don't mean EVERYTHING, but as far as school goes. It seems to me that getting a bachelors in physics gives you most the information, and then grad school is just finding new discoveries based of information you learned getting your bachelors. Is that somewhat right?
  37. B

    Physics What options are available for a physics graduate struggling to find a job?

    I graduated one year ago with a B.S. in Physics. I work at Target. I remember back then, for the first three or four months when I had the energy and will to aggressively job hunt every day, there were at least SOME things to apply for. Not much, but some. Nowadays, when I search for jobs...
  38. S

    Math B.S. in ME with minor in math. Would it be better to teach HS Math or Physics?

    I'm currently a junior in ME, set to graduate with a minor in math, 1 year of experience through a coop, and a pretty solid gpa. At this point I sort of defaulted into the major without really considering my options (I come from a line of engineers), and I have come to the realization that it...
  39. W

    3-2 B.S. in Applied Physics and Engineering

    Everyone on this website probably gets this question a lot, or something like it. But, I'm currently enrolled in a 3-2 program which allows you to get a B.S. in Applied Physics then a B.S. in your selected engineering field. The problem is Penn State, the school in which I would get my...
  40. L

    B.S. in physics. Interested in biochemistry/genetics research

    I'm a first time poster, long-time lurker on these forums, and I'm seeking advice on how best to prepare myself to be a strong candidate for graduate studies in biochemistry. Here goes, another person putting their life story in a thread hoping for answers. Bear with me if you're interested...
  41. T

    Programs Graduating with 2 B.S. Degrees: Physics or Engineering?

    I'm a fourth year college student who has taken Real Analysis, Topology, Calculus 1-3, Probability Theory, Foundations of Applied Math, Advanced Multivariable Calc, Abstract Algebra, Linear Algebra, Survey of PDE's, Diff Eq's, Discrete Math, and Intro to proofs. There are probably about 5 more...
  42. M

    Where can a B.S. in Molecular biology lead?

    So, I really like my biology classes. It's cool to learn things about biological systems that I can apply towards ideas of medicine. Biology encapsulates so many finds. I really like the courses but I also want a secure income down the road that will lead to an interesting career(Why I passed...
  43. C

    M.S. MatSci from B.S. Biochem

    This fall, I'm about to start my 5th year as an undergraduate pursuing a B.S. in Biochemistry. Long story short, I declared biochemistry in the fall of my senior year without having taken many science or math courses. It's been a tough road cramming 21 credits into last fall, 19 last winter...
  44. D

    B.S. Applied Math to Pure Math Grad?

    Hello, I've been pursuing a second bachelor's degree part-time for a while now at a Group III school. I just found out, somewhat unexpectedly, that I might be able to transfer to Georgia Tech (a Group I school) with relative ease to complete my degree as a full-time student. GT is...
  45. N

    NE B.S. vs. NE and CHEM E joint major

    Hi, I’m a transfer student to UC Berkeley (fall 12), coming from a community college. I am transferring as a nuclear engineering major, but I can choose to do a joint major program in chemical and nuclear engineering (core courses are taken from both majors). The reason I’m considering the...
  46. S

    Programs B.S. in physics, but what minor(s)?

    I'm majoring in physics, and possibly getting my business degree within the 4 years. I would like to work at an engineering firm, or a power plant. So I was considering minoring in an engineering, like electrical or mechanical, but I'm open to others. What would be the best engineering to minor...
  47. C

    Can I go from Chemistry/Math B.S. to Physics M.A./M.S.?

    Can I go from Chemistry/Math B.S. to Physics M.A./M.S.?? Hey all, first post here... Just thought I'd see if you guys know the answer. I'm a sophomore at a super small liberal arts college, so small in fact that we don't even have a physics major (I went here cause of financial reasons and got...
  48. B

    Physics B.S. in Physics - unemployable?

    I'll try not to give my entire life story. Basically, I realized that I wasn't in love with physics 3/4 of the way through my coursework. With only physics courses, I couldn't change majors without a lot more schooling. Up to my eyeballs in student loan debt, lots more schooling wasn't an...
  49. B

    Schools In process of earning a B.S. in Mathematics but confused about grad school?

    I will be entering my third year of undergrad this fall in the process of earning my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. My current stats for school such as GPA is 3.74 (no research experience, already taking upper-level undergrad mathematics courses, maybe a few grad courses). However, I am...
  50. R

    Engineering Employers' thoughts on B.S. in Physics/M.S. in Electrical Engineering?

    What do employers generally think of someone with a B.S. in Applied Physics and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering? Do employers see it as a negative that the person didn't get his/her B.S. also in EE?